Top 10 Most Corrupt Countries In the World

Full list of the top 10 most corrupt countries in the world
Full list of the top 10 most corrupt countries in the world

So, which are the most corrupt countries in the world today?

If you are a keen observer, you will agree with me that corruption is one of the biggest enemies of development.

Corrupt countries of the world can never achieve development since those in power don’t care about the interests of the citizen.


In many of the most corrupt countries in the world, the government steals from the people and this has caused political unrest in several countries.

Whereas a good government should condemn corruption as strongly as possible, some nations have been reluctant to fight corruption.

The Top 10 Most Corrupt Countries In The World

Which country has the highest level of corruption? Below we are going to look at the list of the top 10 most corrupt countries in the world based on the Corruption Perception Index Report CPI.

1. Somalia (CPI Score 9)

Somalia has been ranked as one of the most corrupt countries in the world in the world currently. Not just that, it is one of the poorest countries in the world.

Various indicators clearly show that the government in Somalia has no transparency. For instance, violence.

We all know that corruption is one of the major factors that lead to instability and instability makes it possible for corruption to prosper.

Unstable countries can’t be able to put viable measures in place to fight corruption. Limited freedom of speech is yet another thing that shows a lack of transparency in the Somalia government.

2. South Sudan

The second on the list of most corrupt countries in the world is South Sudan.

Various reports have exposed the corruption in South Sudan and found it to be the 2nd most corrupt country after Somalia.

This country is also found in Eastern Africa and the corruption rate in this country has been evidenced by very many indicators. For instance, the country has no reliable institutions to combat corruption.

Looting of public funds is a common tradition in South Sudan and nobody cares about this. There is also no transparency in elections and this steals the will of the citizens of the country.

Likewise, most government organizations in this country are mismanaged and this creates favorable grounds for corruption to prosper.

3. Syria

Syria is the third most corrupt country as per the CPI score. This country is located in the southwestern part of the Asia continent.

Corruption in this country has been evidenced by numerous indicators of corruption. For instance, limited freedom of speech clearly shows that the government in this country has no transparency.

The citizen here can’t air their grievances since they’ve been silenced by the government. Corruption has also contributed greatly to instability in this country.

There is limited freedom of expression here since the government fears that the media can expose the dirty doings its involved in.

4. Afghanistan (CPI Score 15)

Of all the most corrupt countries in the world currently, Afghanistan has been ranked as number four.

Geographically, this nation is found in South Asia and here corruption is the biggest issue facing citizens. Both the public and private sectors in this country have been spotted on most numerous occasions demanding bribes from the citizens.

Illegal land transfer is also a key indicator of corruption in this country. Other forms of corruption in Afghanistan include nepotism and graft. Political unrest here is also a result of corruption from the government.

5. Yemen ( CPI Score 16)

This country is found in the southwest part of Asia and has been regarded as the most corrupt nation as far as the Gulf region is considered.

Likewise, it has been regarded to be the poorest country in this region. Corruption in this country manifests itself through:

  • Election Fraud – where the will of the citizen isn’t respected.
  • Nepotism – where those in power only considered their relatives for top positions.
  • Poverty – since the government property only benefits a few individuals especially those in powers.

6. Sudan (CPI Score 16)

Sudan, one of the countries in Africa has been ranked as the 6th most corrupt nation in the world. Corruption is the major issue here and those in power seem not to care about this.

Bribery is Sudan is a common thing, especially when seeking government services in this country. It is very hard to access even the most crucial government services in Sudan without bribing someone.

The police sector is also very corrupt in this country and there is no transparency in this sector. Those in power are well known to interfere with the police sector in Sudan.

There is also nepotism whereby government officials only consider their relatives for top positions in government.

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7. Libya ( CPI Score 17)

The 7th on the list of most corrupt countries in the world is Libya. Just as you would expect with any other corrupt nation, bribery in Libya is a common thing and the citizens here have been used to it.

To be considered in government services, you have to be exploited. You will hardly find free services in Libya and corruption is widespread both in the private and public sectors.

Citizens in these countries claim that elections are unfair and that their will aren’t respected.

8. North Korea ( CPI Score 17)

According to the CPI report, North Korea is the 8th most corrupt country in the world.

This is has tampered with development in this country and this explains why the economy here isn’t growing as expected.

Instability in this country has been contributed greatly by a dictatorship that set grounds for corruption to prosper.

When there is instability in a country, nobody will obey the law and this includes the institutions trusted to combat corruption.

The government in North Korea has been reported on various occasions to be found misusing funds meant to benefit the citizens for personal gains.

9. Venezuela (CPP Score 18)

Venezuela is with no doubt one of the most corrupt nations in the world as has been ranked as the 9th most corrupt country as per the year 2019.

The wealth of this country has been used by the government for personal benefit leaving the common citizen with nothing to rely on. Venezuela leaders appear to be “above the law” since they can do anything and get away with it.

10. Iraq

Iraq is one of the most unstable countries where development can hardly be achieved. Rampant conflict in this country all results from political unrest resulting from high rates of corruption.

The police sector, the judiciary, the electoral bodies and almost all the sectors here are corrupt. The government can influence almost everything. Likewise, those in power are seen to have more say than ordinary citizens.

Concluding Notes on Corrupt Countries In The World

The above is a list of the most corrupt countries in the world. It’s great to get into more details about these countries particularly if you are an investor looking to invest in these countries.

Corruption affects the economy as so you should be warned before investing here! Which other countries did you think should be on this list of top 10 corrupt countries?

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