Top 5 Fashion Vendors on Scrader

Fashion vendors on Scrader

If you enjoy shopping online, you are always searching for reliable, and fashionable vendors who can add an edge to your wardrobe.

Finding these types of high-quality vendors on e-commerce sites or social media can be a hassle. And when you finally find them, doubts about the authenticity of their products might also creep in.

That’s why this post brings you the top 5 vendors on Scrader, a new social app that’s focused on connecting vendors with shoppers.


Scrader is not only simple to use, but every vendor is verified and every purchase is secured. You can shop with peace of mind and access the most fashionable items.

Now that you know what Scrader is all about and want to check out some products, here are the vendors you should check out first:

1. Sonma:

Sonma is a fashion brand for young, modern women. She makes colorful skirts, dresses, and sets that match any casual occasion you may be going for. Sonma is the vendor to visit if you want something unique to wow people at any occasion. Visit Sonma’s store at

Top selling Product: Yadiri Skirt

2. Bagture:

As the name implies, this store is all about BAGS! Large bags for work, cute bags for a casual outing, unique bags, trendy bags.

Bagture has them all. Bagture has something you can pair with any look. Visit Bagture’s store at

Top selling product: White Plaid Messenger Bag

3. Dixtrict26:

This is the district for cool unique tees. Simply put, if you like it simple but still want to represent. Dixtrict got you! Visit Dixtrict26’s store at

Top selling product: Alte on the Weekend Shirt

4. Straps and Frames:

Handcrafted, petite bags in a variety of colours and patterns. The bags vary in size from Mini to Maxi sizes. Secure the bag while it still lasts – Visit Straps and Frames’s store at

Top selling product: SAF Bag FZ

5. The Footstore:

We couldn’t wrap up the list without shoes. Footstore has a selection of handmade mules, slides, and flats to match a simple look.

Take the right steps with a pair from Footstore. Visit Footstore’s store at

Top selling product: Ajay Mules

If you want great, affordable fashion products online, now you know where to look.