10 Expensive High Quality Women’s Clothing Brands List

Oasdom top 10 Most Expensive High Quality Womens Clothing Brands List
Oasdom top 10 Most Expensive High Quality Womens Clothing Brands List

Which brands make it to the most expensive and high quality women’s clothing brands list?

The best sense of clothing can take the best out of you. You will win the whole world through your best outfit.

Nowadays, fashion is decided according to the trend. So, there are many women who follow the regular trend and love to dress according to that.


The attractive dressing sense of a woman can win many hearts. Some women can beautifully carry all kinds of dresses. Some can create their own fashion statements with their mix and match outfits.

There is a huge women’s clothing brands list. This particular list will give the women of every class a great opportunity to look good and fashionable as well.

This long women’s clothing brands list can open a wide range of options for women. Let’s check out all these brands and their specifications as well.

5 Top Women’s Clothing Brands List

The prime concern of women is to dress up in an elegant and fashionable manner. Women actually spend a lot of time in order to select their outfit.

They also spend a huge amount of money in order to look different and trendy from the other people.

These expensive and high quality fashion brands are very popular among women. They love to wear the clothes from the top designer brands list. These are as follows:

1. Dior Brand

Dior women's fashion brand list
Autum Winter Couture Show

Dior brand is known for glamorous, elegant, prestigious and modern looking outfits. This particular brand is very much popular among women.

This brand follows the latest and modern fashion trends. Their high quality garments always attract women from different spheres of life.

They always maintain the sophistication in their garments. So, women are very attached with this particular brand and they always want to buy clothes from this brand in order to make themselves fashionable and trendy.

They have a strong and powerful market presence. Apart from dresses, they also include the dior perfumes, bags and other kinds of fashionable products into their list. This is one of the top brands in the world.

2. Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani - expensive Women's clothing brands list

Giorgio Amrmani is an Italian brand that started their journey in the year 1975. The premium segment of the women wear outfits from this particular brand.

This brand is very old and popular due to their high quality clothing materials and designs. It is not only expensive but it is also popular all across the world.

They expand their clothing manufacturing and make dresses foe kids as well. This popular and old brand name is surely going to the women’s clothing brands list.

3. Marc Jacobs

Different brands make various types of popularity through their working culture. Marc Jacobs particular brand introduces the seasonal variations into their clothes.

They maintain the luxurious designs and fashionable trendy looks as well. Just because of these, there are many women who feel attracted towards this brand.

They generally provide too many options of seasonal wears for women. This is also a very popular brand that is going to add in the women’s clothing brands list.

4. Prada

Prada - Women clothing brands list

You can change your fashion statement with the clothes from Prada. This particular brand attracts too many young fashion lovers.

This brand has so many outlets all around the world. They produce expensive and high quality fashionable outfits as well.

This is one of the best dress brands in the world. Due to its renowned and comfortable fashion outfits, this brand takes a place in the women’s clothing brands list.

5. Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein women clothing brand list a-z

Calvin Klein is one of the top fashion brands. This brand was established in the year 1968. At the initial level, this brand started their journey with perfumes.

After that they entered in the fashion world with lots of variety for men and women. They make designer wear and casual outfits as well.

This brand also create iconic underwear collection. So, women love to use their underwear and flaunt their beauty in front of friends.

So, this is one of the best and popular brand that should be included in the women’s clothing brands list.

More Top Designers & High Quality Women Clothing Brands In the World

There are so many women’s designer clothing websites from where you can take the fashion information and get details about the popular brands.

The dressing sense of women should be good and attractive as well. A man looks at first the dressing sense of a woman before her face and body.

Though in continents like Africa, we’ve not seen fashion brands that are competing globally, but fashion designers see to it that women and men’s native attire styles are on point.

Women always want to look trendy and fashionable.

So, the women’s clothing brands list is very long and attractive. Apart from these five, there are so many brands.

Let’s check out another popular five brands.

6. Ralph Lauren

Ralph lauren - women clothing designer websites

If you are fond of silk gowns and polo t-shirts, then Ralph Lauren brand is very much right for you. Ralph Lauren brand evolves the American sense of fashion.

This particular brand gets inspiration from the Polo. They also take part in various kinds of athletic events.

This brand can give the variety of collection and aura of style for women. So, this is also a popular brand that should include in women’s clothing brands list.

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7. Chanel

Chanel top designer brand list for ladies fashion

Chanel is one of the outstanding brands that get huge demands among the women circle. This is one of the most popular in the women’s clothing brands list.

They produce stylish and rich outfits for women. They always try to maintain their own existence and do not copy the style and designs from others.

Though Nigerian designers are not yet on the international radar, top Nigerian style and outfit designers are learning one or two things from the legends.

8. Burberry

Blueberry is considered one of the best fashion brands in the world. This is a London based brand. But they expand their business all over the world.

9. Hermes

They make flawless pieces and women feel attracted towards their creativity and style as well. This is undoubtedly a best inclusion in women’s clothing brands list.

Did you know that the Hermes is a French brand? This popular fashion brand for women maintains its popularity all across the world.

10. Versace

Verserce Women clothing brands list

Versace is an Italian brand and maintains its popularity with their modernized outfits. This brand is highly popular among the trendy women.

This is a great inclusion in women’s clothing brands list. This brand leaves no space for their competitive rivals in this fashion industry.

Women’s Clothing Brands List (Summary)

These are the top 9 most expensive high quality women’s clothing brands in the world.

You’ll agree with me that all these brands make high quality and unique clothing for women of all spheres of life. They all maintain the range of variety with actual and unique fashion statement.

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