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List of Top 10 Car Transport Companies In Nigeria

Which are the top 10 transport companies in Nigeria today?

Having a road trip is quite some good fun. However, the journey can become tedious and less cozy especially when you use a vehicle that is not roadworthy.

If anything faulty happens to such a car during the tour, it becomes a total headache. Nevertheless, you need not to worry anymore when visiting Nigeria.

We have transport companies that provide outstanding modern transport services.

Top 10 Richest Transport Companies in Nigeria Today

To your surprise, the comfort that comes with these transport companies is almost equivalent to that of planes. The only difference is the means used and the amount of time.

We have many commercial transport companies in this country but here are the top 10 best among them.

1. God is Good Motors (GIGM)

God is good motors transport companies in nigeria

God is Good Motors is a commercial transport company. It is the leading company in the transportation business among all transport companies in the country.

GIGM started in the year 1998 and has its central offices in Benin, Edo State. At the start, it was called God is Good Motors but with time has changed to GIGM.com.

GIGM has its stages in Jibowu, Jaba giving their clients access to over ten states across the country.

GIGM is a private transport business owned by a family with seven structural organization departments.

These departments are operations, finance, administrations, customer care, fleet, executive, and engineering.

Website: gigm.com

Contact number: (+234) 08139851110

2. ABC Motors

ABC transport motors in nigeria

ABC launched service in 1993 and has its headquarters in Imo State. It is among the leading transport companies in the transport sector of Nigeria.

They offer in and out of the country tour to its customers. They take their customers for trips to Ghana, Togo, and Benin at an affordable fee with an international standard.

ABC motor has served for 24 years with less doubtful customer service. They have twice won the National Bus Operator Award in Nigeria ranking it among the best.

ABC also has an online system that clients use to access their parcels and lodge booking. Its hotel is in Utako Abuja known as City Transit Inn.

Head office: Owerri North (Ho), Km 5 MCC Uratta Rd, Owerri, Imo State,

Website: abctransport.com

Contcat number: +2348142552436, 080-53001000

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3. Chisco Transport Ltd

car transport business in nigeria - chisco transport

Dr. Chidi Anyaegbu started Chisco Transport Ltd in 1978. Chisco has online booking services with terminals across the whole country.

Dr. Chidi Anyaegbu started Chisco Transport Ltd in 1978. Chisco has online booking services with terminals across the whole country.

It services overlap from Nigeria to other West Africa countries. If you want to book a bus, you can be sure Chisco transport offers quality service.

Their fixed route schedules are:

  • Departure (Jibowu, Lagos) – Destination (Nyanya, Abuja) 6:00am
  • Departure (Jibowu, Lagos) – Destination (Port-Harcourt, Rivers) 6:00am
  • Departure (Jibowu, Lagos) – Destination (Owerri, Imo) 6:00am
  • Departure (Jibowu, Lagos) – Destination (Amichi, Akwa-Ibom) 6:00am
  • Departure (Abuja, Utako) – Destination (Jibowu, Lagos) 6:00am
  • Departure (Lagos, Mazamaza) – Destination (Accra, Ghana) 4:00am
  • Departure (Lagos, Jibowu) – Destination (Accra, Ghana) 5:00am

Office: 104, Funsho Williams Avenue, Iponri, Surulere, Lagos-NIGERIA.

Website: Chiscotransport.com

Phone Contact: +234-810-651-7669, +234-808-927-3799, +234-811-379-8985

4. Young Shall Grow Motors Ltd

bus transport companies in nigeria - young shall grow motors

Dr. Chidi Amaechi founded this transport company in 1972 in the Eastern part of Nigeria.

Over the years, it has grown to become one of the best bus transport companies in the country.

It has an excellent reputation for perfect bus comfort with reasonable charges.

Office Location: Lagos (Mazamaza) T1 La/Maz, Young Shall Grow Transport Limited Old Ojo Road Maza-Maza, Lagos state, Nigeria.

Contact number: 014531091

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5. GUO Transport

Guo motors - transport company in nigeria

If you are a Nigerian, and you have never heard of this transport company, you are wrong.

GUO is renowned with a variety of transport services like haulage, charter services, and hotel. It is among the best transport companies in Nigeria, with terminals in Lagos, Abuja, Owerri, Kano, Onitsha and Yola.

Popular terminals are Ajah, Cele (Okota Rd), Iyana-Ipaja and Jibowu and you can pay for their service via internet banking, card payments and USSD.

Website: Guotransport.com

Contact Number: (+234) 7000-121-000 [WhatsApp +234) 814-498-8273]

 Email: feedback@guotransport.com

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6. Cross Country Limited

cross country car transportation business in Nigeria

Cross Country stated operations in 2002 after 2001 launching. It has over 500 buses serving over 26 terminals in Nigeria and West Africa.

They offer cheap discounted prices for corps members, provide small luxury and comfortable buses with top notch hospitality.

Their terminals spread across Abia, Akwa Ibom, Bauchi, Cross river, Borno,

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You can locate them at 345 Muritala Mohammed Way that is adjacent Presbyterian Church of Yaba.

Website: Crosscountry.ng

Contact number: +234-805-555-5595, +234-802-846-0890

7. Ifesinachi Transport Limited

Ifesinachi started in 2000 and offered transport from Lagos to Abuja and Eastern parts. It is among the best transport companies due to the high number of professional individuals.

8. Peace Mass Transits

Peace Mass is among transport companies with its offices in Enugu southeast of Nigeria. They have a whole bus with online booking.

9. Bonny Way Motors Ltd

Bonny way Motors offers city-to-city transport, interstate, and parcel services. It is also among the best transport companies. Your book and make payments through their website.

10. Benue Link Ltd

Benue was started in 1988 with just ten buses and has grown to be the best among transport companies. It is a state-owned business company.

It has transport, mechanics, fuel, and parking services. It works on seven principles including, integrity, Objectivity, Openness, Leadership, Accountability, Selflessness an Honesty.

I’m sure each of these companies would have insured their businesses with any of the top insurance companies in Nigeria.

Transport Companies in Nigeria (Summary)

Transport and transport companies have widely grown in Nigeria. Just like flight facilities, many of these transport companies in Nigeria are giving passengers top notch services.

Which of these bus transportation businesses in Nigeria have you tried? Which would you rate the number 1? Let’s have your comments below.

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