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Yes, I’m back with another list of top 10 richest pastor in Nigeria. You should check our list of top 10 richest musicians in Nigeria as well.

So, whoever thought pastors are not rich should have a rethink. Gone are the days when people believe that pastors are poor and their reward is in heaven; it seems God has started rewarding them here on earth.

On this note, I would be giving out my list of top 10 richest pastors in Nigeria. These men of God are even on the Forbes list of richest people in the world. Yes, Check out the List of top 20 richest pastors in the world and their net worth

In my opinion, I would say serving God pays because he never fails to reward his own. “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and every other thing will be added unto you” Mat 6:33 and behold the richest pastors in Nigeria.

Top Ten Richest Pastor In Nigeria Forbes List

This list is based on Forbes list of richest pastors in Africa/Nigeria

2Bishop David Oyedepo Net Worth $150 million Richest Pastor in Nigeria Dr Bishiop David Oyedeop

David Oyedepo, born on 27th September 1954 is the top on my list of richest pastor in Nigeria, he is a Christian author, preacher, architect and the founder and the presiding bishop of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, popularly known as winner’s chapel – the second biggest church in Nigeria.

He was given birth to at Omuaran in Kwara state Nigeria, married to pastor Faith Abiola Oyedepo and they have four children together.

According to Forbes, he is also the richest pastor in Africa, as his wealth is generated from his assets which includes two universities, several Christian books he has written, a water producing company called Hebron, just to mention but a few.

His net worth according to Forbes list is $150 million. Well, you all will agree with me that no one more deserves to be number one on this list.

3Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Net Worth $50 million pastor chris oyahkilome richest pastor in Nigeria

Chris Oyakhilome is the founding president of Believers Love World Incorporated, popularly known as Christ Embassy. He is the second Richest pastor in Nigeria on my list. He was born 7th December 1963 in Edo state Nigeria.

He is a pastor, television host and author. He was married to Reverend Anita Ebhodagbe and they have two children together. Chris Oyakhilome is worth $50 million according to Forbes ranking.

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4Pastor Enoch Adeboye Best Pastor In Nigeria Net Worth $39 million Enoch Adeboye richest pastors in Nigeria

Enoch Adejare Adeboye with a net worth of $39 million is the third on my lists of the top 10 richest pastors in Nigeria.

He is the general overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God. He is a pastor and a professor of mathematics.

Pastor Adeboye popularly called Daddy G.O was born on the 2nd of March 1942  in Ifewara, Osun state and he is married to pastor Foluke Adenike Adeboye.

We cannot mention the richest pastor in Nigeria without mentioning Baba Adeboye as his church has the largest auditorium in the world.

5Pastor Temitope Balogun Joshua Net Worth $25 million

Oasdom Pastor TB Joshua richest pastor in Nigeria

Pastor T.B Joshua has been called by the majority is one of the richest pastors in Nigeria, he is a minister, Televangelist and also a philanthropist.

He was born in Arigidi Nigeria on the 12th of June 1963, he is married to Evelyn Joshua and according to Forbes, and he is worth $25 million making him the fourth richest pastor in Nigeria.

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6Pastor Mathew Ashimolowo Net Worth $20 million pastor ashimolowo richest pastors in Nigeria forbes list

We cannot talk about the richest pastor in Nigeria and not mention pastor Ashimolowo. He is a Nigerian clergyman and the senior pastor of Kingsway International Christian Centre in London.

He was born on the 17th of March, 1952 in Nigeria. His wealth is generated majorly from the sales of Christian literature documented from his media company Mathew Ashimolowo media.

His net worth according to Forbes is $20 million reasons he made it to this list of top ten richest pastors in Nigeria.

7Ayodele Joseph Ortisejafor Net Worth $12 million

Pastor oritsejafor richest pastor in Nigeria

He is the senior pastor and the founder of the Word of Life Bible Church located in Owerri. He was the national president of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) for five years.

Joseph Ortisejafor was also elected the president of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), the apex body of all Christians in the country.

Papa Ayo Ortisejafor as he is often called is married to Helen Ortisejafor and they have three children together, and with a net worth of $15 million, you all will agree with me that he is among the richest pastor in Nigeria.

8Christopher Ogheneborie Okotie Net Worth $12 million

Rev Chris Okotie richest pastor in Nigeria

Also among my list of richest pastor in Nigeria, I have Pastor Chris Okotie as he is popularly called. He is a televangelist and the pastor of the household of God Church International Ministries, a Lagos Pentecostal congregation.

He was born on the 16th of June, 1958 in Abraka Delta state and also, he is a politician, an author and a businessman with a net worth of $12 million.

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9Pastor Gbenga Osho Net Worth $3.5 million

Pastor gbenga osho richest pastors in Nigeria

Pastor Gbenga Oso is the founder and presiding pastor of Laughter Foundation Church. He became known to Nigerians as the baby making pastor due to the fact that God gives barren women children through his ministry.

His net worth is $3.5 million which puts him on my list of the top 10 richest pastors in Nigeria.

10Bishop Mike Okonkwo Net Worth $3 million

Bishop mike okonkwo richest pastor in Nigeria

Bishop Mike is the presiding bishop of The Redeemed Evangelical Mission (TREM). He is a man of God who passionately preaches power in the word to a multicultural and diverse audience with over 180 branches in Nigeria and ten countries across the globe.

He is also a dynamic conference speaker, crusade evangelist, author, and television and radio host. Well, he made it to my list of richest pastor in Nigeria because according to Forbes he is worth $3 million.

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11Pastor Lazarus Muoka Net Worth $3 million

the richest pastors in Nigeria pastor lazarus

Pastor Lazarus Muoka is a Nigerian pastor, minister and author, the founder and general overseer of the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement.

He was born in Imo state Nigeria and married to Pastor Joy Muoka. This man of God aims to preach undiluted word of God to every nook and cranny of the world.

With a net worth of $3 million he also fits into the list of top richest pastor in Nigeria.

The Richest Pastor in the World

The founder and the presiding bishop of the living faith church worldwide exceeded every other pastor in the world to be the richest pastor in the world.

Putting his net worth aside, Bishop Oyedepo is the head of the single largest church in Nigeria which is Winner’s Chapel, and he is in control of churches in Dubai, United States, United Kingdom and 45 African nations, Nigeria included.

He owns two universities (Covenant University and Landmark), two private jets and has written a lot of books also, you all will agree with me that there is no one more deserving than David Oyedepo.

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Most Powerful Pastors In Nigeria

Here’s a quick list of the most powerful pastors in Nigeria.

Pastor Enoch Adeboye

He is one of the most respected men of God in the country. Pastor Adeboye is perceived and known to be a very powerful preacher of the gospel, he has done a whole lot of miraculous deeds with the help of God.

He is a man of God whose teachings are spirit filled and has impacted a lot of people all over the world.

Bishop David Oyedepo

Another man of God whose spiritual and prayer life is top notch and never in doubt is Bishop Oyedepo, he was ordained by God through Pastor E.A Adeboye.

This Nigerian pastor is dedicated to evangelism and spreading of God’s word to every doorstep. His books are spirit filled and impactful such that it changes many lives. We cannot talk about powerful pastors and leave him out.

Pastor Paul Adefarasin

Pastor Paul is a Christian minister and the head of House on the Rock Church. He is an author and a televangelist. He hosts a religious program weekly called something is about to happen which is broadcasted throughout Africa and Europe.

He is also the host of the most talked about Christian worship concert in Nigeria tagged The Experience which happens yearly in Lagos. There is no doubt that he is among the most powerful pastors in Nigeria.

Pastor Williams Kumuyi

The founder of Deeper Life Bible Church is a renowned man of God whose thorough teaching of the word has gained many followers for Christ.

He was born on the 6th of June 1941 in Erin Ijesha, Osun state, and his approach towards the gospel is appealing and draws people to give their life to Christ.

Pastor Sam Adeyemi

Pastor Sam Adeyemi is also one of the respected men of God of our time. He is the founder of Daystar Gospel Church and also a motivational speaker.

His sermons are known for uplifting people and his love for God cannot be compared to anything.

This list is not in any particular order, this is to say these are powerful men of God in Nigeria. But, come to think of it who would you say is the most powerful of them all?

Top 10 Richest Pastor In Nigeria (Summary)

I have given a list of the top 10 richest pastors in Nigeria, the richest pastor in the world and most powerful pastors in Nigeria.

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