Latest! The Top 10 Best Football Teams

oasdom best football team
oasdom best football team

Which are the best football teams?

With 3.5 million fans (followed by cricket with 2.5 million), football is the most popular game today. In fact, many people argue about the richest footballers in the world.

The most valuable teams in the world are an average worth $ 1.69 billion, and its increase in value is rooted with the revenue growth.

While we are sure you already know it if you like Betway Nigeria secure betting, we will talk about how the best football teams can do more.

Nevertheless, a team’s value is inevitably manifested in it’s performances. Here we are considering several factors that determine our list of the top 10 best teams.

10A C Milan

The Italian club has won 1 FIFA World Cup, 7 Champion Leagues, 5 Italian Cups and many other intercontinental as well as international league cups.

The team does not just comprise great players but has 24.8 million fans on Facebook, 5 million on Google + along with renowned brands as sponsors like Nivea and Adidas.


Juventus was formed by few young players in 1897, however it was later owned by the multi – industry business owners, the Agnelli family.

The team has won 7 UEFA cups, 7 Italian Super cups and 11 Coppa Italia. Juventus seems to be rising up to greater heights with each passing season.

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8Paris Saint Germain

A merge between Stade – Saint Germain and Paris FC led to the establishment of Paris Saint Germain in 1970.

It is the only team among 2 French teams to have an European title along with 31 other titles to their name. They have won 22 French cups (league and super) and

Their top sponsors are Nike and Emirates with 27 million fans on Facebook, 7.6 million in Instagram.

7FC Bayern Munich

top players in the world
Top players

The German team has proved it’s capability time and again with 26 national titles and 18 national cups.

It consists of splendid players like James Rodrigues and Joshua Kimmich. Bayern Munich is the biggest German team that has also won many international leagues.


Liverpool has at one point been the number one team, however it still is a part of the top 10 football teams.

With players like Jurgen Klopp and Stevie G, Liverpool makes it’s every match interesting and most of the times, a great success. With 18 league champion titles, Liverpool is not just a club but a life in itself.


With maintained high tempo attacking and passing for a longer time than any other English team, it is always a privilege for their fans to be an underdog.

Excellent football skills is the team’s strong point. Despite very few wins, Arsenal has no match to it’s rip roaring style of play.


As the only English team to have won Champions League, Chelsea is sure to be a part of this list. Victor Moses and Eden Hazard are standout players for the Blues.

Even though Chelsea may not have had it’s best games thus far, the Gunners have managed to marvel their fans every single time.

Interestingly, one of the top 10 richest footballers in Nigeria plays for the Blues. You should check that list out and see if your favorite players make it to the top 10.

3Real Madrid

Unquestionably, Real Madrid has accomplished something legendary. Three Champions League titles in a row, and four other such title in 5 years.

They are a prestigious club in the race. Their starting line – up and positions are commendable with Cristiano Ronaldo as great support.

2Manchester United

In world football, Manchester United is always looked up to as a respected and one of the most feared teams.

The team has been graced with stalwarts like David Beckham and star player like Wayne Rooney. They have a major achievement, FIFA World Cup and in have stood resilient in many strong games.


Barcelona has won La Liga 24 times, Copa del Rey a staggering 29 times and Supercopa Espana 12 times and the most significant Champions League 5 times.

Their ‘trio of strikers’ – Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, and Neymar Junior – are the most terrific line – up of attackers which is the standard reason why Barcelona tops our list.

Best Football Team Summary

There you go, the best football teams in the world.

You may disagree with what we have in here, and that’s why we have the comment box provided below this article. We really want to hear from you.

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