5 Tips to Slim Your Wallet: Simply Carry Less and Lighten Your Everyday Load


Our wallets are one of those everyday essentials we don’t leave the house without, aside from keys and phones, that is.

As such, they ought to be kept functional in order to avoid unnecessary stress. With that in mind, we are listing five smart and simple tips to lighten the everyday load.

Go through your cards and edit them

Of course, there are certain essentials you always need to have on you wherever you go – these include debit cards, ID cards, credit cards, etc.


Unless you work from home or use your own car to commute to work, you might also be carrying around a metro pass or a subway card depending on the mode of transport you are using.

Some people may also need to carry the access card for work.

And then there are those cards that rarely get used, and maybe even some mementos you’re holding on to and carrying around in that tiny pocket of your wallet.

All these things combined only weigh you down, doing you a disservice instead of making everyday living easier and more practical.

This is why it’s important to go through your cards and edit them, ditching any cards and items that you don’t use on a daily or weekly basis. The same goes for photographs, expired coupons, store cards, etc.

Take pictures of the receipts and throw them out

Receipts serve as proof of purchase and allow you to get a refund in case there’s a faulty or defective product you want to return, so it’s not surprising that many of us tend to save their receipts just in case they may need them one day.

The problem is that this habit of collecting receipts can cause your wallet to overflow.

This is why you want to get rid of receipts you know you’re not going to use to ask for a refund.

Of course, you may need to hold on to certain receipts such as paper receipts for expense reports (if you took a business trip).

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The best way to go about it would be to simply take pictures of those receipts in order to keep track of them and then throw them out.

Alternatively, you can use a smartphone app (Evernote, Concur, Shoeboxed) to save the receipts in their electronic version.

Go digital!

Speaking of smartphones, they can be of great help in your decision to carry less and slim your wallet as much as you can.

Smartphone apps such as Stocard and Card Mate are perfect for storing all those loyalties, gift, and reward cards and keeping them in one place.

This allows for easy access to any of the cards whenever and wherever you need them.

Another way you can put technology to use is to add your cards to Apple Pay (if you own an Apple Watch) and make scanning and paying for everyday items even more convenient.

Carry less cash with you when possible

Minimizing the contents of your wallet is essential in order to make your everyday life a bit easier, and this doesn’t only apply to credit cards and receipts.

Lightening your everyday load is also a matter of taking a minimalist approach to carrying your money around.

Unless you’re planning on running errands, paying bills, or shooting a rap video, there’s really no need to have a wad of cash on you on a daily basis.

For those occasions when you don’t need much cash with you, nifty add-ons such as money clips for men are a godsend.

They make it easy for you to hold onto your cash without the unnecessary bulk, and they can be very handy for carrying cash to formal occasions that require you to wear a suit.

Edit your wallet content regularly

After successfully decluttering your wallet and making it more functional and practical, you’ll probably want to keep it that way for as long as possible.

A slimmed-down wallet can easily go back to being bulky and full of items and cards you don’t necessarily need.

You may sign up for a new store card or get a gym membership, or you will get a new rewards card from your local grocery shop.

To prevent these cards from accumulating, try to be more mindful about the cards you’re signing up for.

Make sure to edit your wall content regularly and you’ll have no trouble keeping your slimmed-down wallet stay light and clutter-free.

Wrapping up

A slim wallet is an efficient wallet, and taking the steps to lighten your everyday load is surely going to make your life a bit easier.

Use these five smart wallet decluttering tips above to spare yourself the hassle, carry less, and careless!

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