6 Great Tips to Make Your Eye Brows Stand Out

Essential eye brow makeup tips
Essential eye brow makeup tips

It is a well-established fact that eye-brows define your facial features. Indeed, you almost assured that people will compliment your beautiful face, if you get it right on the eyebrows.

The option of getting them professionally groomed at all times is not practical. This leads to the question of how can you make your eyebrows stand out while on the go or at home?

How to Make Your Eye Brows Stand Out

Make up schools are known for teaching students series of ways to look good and making eyebrows look elegant are key to your overall looks.

Well, here are the tips:

Get the Right Tools

As you will find out at https://www.hairclippersclub.com/ it is always vital to find sharp and perfectly slanted tweezers. It allows you to grip on the hair well without pulling them off. Also, go for a soft brush or spoolie designed specifically for the eye brows.

It should help you brush your hairs upwards and do away with the strays without irritating your skin. Sharp brow scissors are also worthwhile to help you trim overgrown hairs. 

Find the Right Shape  

Everyone has a natural eyebrow shape and as such, it is important that you find it to help you get a perfect look.

The easiest way of achieving this is using the end of your make up brush. Place the brush along your nose to determine where the brow should start.

To determine the highest point of the brow, place the handle from your noses’ edge and over the center of the eye. Alternatively, a semi-permanent make-up comes in handy when you cannot get it right on the shape. 

Eye brows make up tips

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Lighting Is Critical

Never shape your eyebrows in a poorly lit room. You will hardly see the stray hairs and other details.

Natural lighting is therefore the best option for you. Opt to trim the eyebrows while near big windows or in the outdoor space as opposed to your tiny bathroom and dressing space.

Always ensure that the mirror is well positioned and big enough for the job. Avoid magnification mirrors at all costs because you are likely to over pluck the hairs. Go for a regular mirror and step away from it before starting to shape them. 

Use an Eye Shadow To Guide You

White eye shadows will adhere to the hair to the end that you can clearly see the hairs that need tweezing.

Other options such as eyeliners are likely to push down the brows to the skin, making it daunting to trim the stray hairs.

Avoid the brighter shades of white because they do not create the contrast needed to see the hair’s grain. 

Fill In the Brows from the Center 

The most outstanding eyebrows have an emphasis on the arch while the gradient effect is lighter in the inner corners.

Whether you are using powder or eye pencil, always start at the arch and move towards the ends. Otherwise, you may have one block of color that creates a wrong impression on your capacity to handle one of the most critical beauty tasks.  

making your eye brow stand out

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Timing Is Crucial 

You may want to do your brows after doing the rest of the make-up.

It helps you to complement the look to the end that the harmony and balance needed in beauty is achieved effortlessly.

You may also want to avoid trimming the eyebrows when in a hurry and tired. Focusing on shapes and stray hairs is unlikely in such instances. 

Clearly, it is not challenging to make your eyebrows standout. Simple things such as investing in the right tools, creating the perfect shape, and trimming at the right time and place can help you through.

At the same time, you may want to avoid over grooming given that the natural looks have become trendy.