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Tips for Buying A Round Table

The table is an important piece of furniture in the house. It accentuates the house and makes the place look beautiful. You can find so many options for tables in the town.

A person who is planning to buy a perfect table has the following standard shapes available in the market:

  1. 1. Square table
  2. 2. Round table
  3. 3. Rectangle table

If you plan to ditch the conventional design of tables, you can buy a round table, unlike the conventional styles of square and rectangle. The round table looks stylish and will accentuate the interiors of your place well. The stereotypical designs of a dining table can be changed with a round table for a fresh look.

When you compare the round table with the square and rectangular tables, the latter is the right choice.

Round tables give more space to move around as it cuts off corners and leaves you with the option of good surface area.

A room that has a tighter space option can have a round table and that would be a good choice.

Getting the Right Dimensions Before You Head Out to Buy A Round Table:

If you plan to buy a round table for dining, you must know about the right measurement. This will ensure that you buy the right sized dining table. The following segment will help you choose the right size while buying a round table:

C = d x π

C = the table’s circumference, and for this, you need to multiply the diameter of the table by pi 3.14159. The following are popular table sizes:

  • 48 inches diameter or 122 centimetres will be good enough for 4-5 people.
  • 60 inches diameter or 152 centimetres will be perfect for 6 people.
  • 72 inches diameter or 182 centimetres is perfect for 8 people.

Now you know about the different size options for a round table. If you plan to buy a round table, you must calculate using the parameters mentioned above.

Materials for Round Table:

You can choose from any of the following materials to get the best table for your room:

  • Wood: Solid wood is the most popular choice for a round table. Wood has a royal and regal appeal. If you plan to buy a round table, you can choose pine, acacia, or teak. These are durable and also have a good finishing. Wood will have hand finished carvings on them making it look more lavish than any other material.
  • Veneer/Wood-Look: You can choose another alternative for wood: wood veneer. These look equally good and are also highly versatile. They will be less heavy on your pocket as well.
  • Stone: The next popular option that you have is stone. Stone tabletops have a luxurious appeal. You have the option of choosing between marble, quarts or cast stone. These are highly durable, but stones are porous so that they can get stained easily. Hence you need to wipe it up regularly to ensure that the surface looks clean.
  • Glass: Choose from the clear, frosted or tinted types. These are cheaper options as compared to the options mentioned above. But glasses are fragile and prone to scratch, so one has to be extra cautious. A good glass top can last for long, but then you have to change it if the scratches develop. The glass table tops are available for under $750.
  • Metal: You can also buy a round table made of metal. These have a rustic and countryside appeal. Metals are highly durable and long-lasting. These are also less expensive than the wooden table.


These were some of the popular choices when it comes to buying a round table. Make sure that you choose the best quality round table for it to last longer.

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