5 Things You Didn’t Know About NYC Luggage Storage

NYC storage cost

Doesn’t it seem like everything is becoming more convenient with technology and innovation? As if fast food wasn’t convenient enough, now you can have it delivered to you and never leave your living room. If you don’t know what to do for the evening, you can push a couple of buttons and have endless hours of entertaining content at your disposal.

One area I never thought about for convenience is luggage storage. You’d be surprised to see how much it can make your trip to New York City more enjoyable. I had doubts when I first heard about it, but after learning more, I immediately realized NYC luggage storage is truly a game-changer. Here are answers to five questions you probably have.

1. How Much Does NYC Luggage Storage Cost?

When someone uses the phrase “luggage storage,” I picture paying $25 per bag. I don’t know how that association started in my mind. My best guess is from paying $25 to check a bag before airlines started raising their fees. How is it possible that NYC luggage storage costs as little as $5.90 for one bag for up to 24 hours? I honestly still can’t believe it. When you hear someone use the phrase luggage storage, don’t assume it will be an outrageous amount.


2. Are There Any Luggage Storage Places Near Popular NYC Areas?

In a word, yes. Would you believe that there are more than 450 luggage storage locations around New York City? In fact, there are at least five in the Financial District near The National September 11 Memorial and Museum, and there are way too many to count within a few blocks of Central Park.

If you are planning to visit these areas and go somewhere else afterward, luggage storage is an incredibly convenient option. You can bring whatever additional things you want for later and store them so you can walk around without toting your bag at the same time. This doesn’t even factor in that if your plans change, you can receive a full refund if you cancel your reservation before check-in. Convenience, indeed!

3. How Safe Is Luggage Storage?

Leaving your bags can be a little nerve-wracking the first time. This was honestly my biggest hesitation once I learned how little it cost. Thankfully, the NYC luggage storage options that I use have $10,000 of coverage for your bags. That gave me all the peace of mind I needed, not to mention that 99.99% of bags are kept safe because of the high security standards they maintain.

4. How Can Luggage Storage Make My Trip More Enjoyable?

You won’t fully understand how freeing it is to store your bags until you do it, but I promise you that it opens up many more possibilities during your trip. For example, when I first arrived in New York City, it was too early to check in at my hotel. Normally, this would have derailed my entire morning because NYC is not a place you can easily walk while pulling a big bag by your side.

With NYC luggage storage, you can drop off your bag worry-free and start your trip right away. Heck, you can even go get more bags if you want! With my newfound freedom that morning, I went shopping and saw some things I couldn’t pass on. Rather than being forced to carry those items around on top of my other bags until 3 p.m., I used the affordable nearby storage option to drop those off as well. This allowed me to walk around New York City the rest of the day hands-free and stress-free.

5. Where Are Some Other Places I Can Use NYC Luggage Storage?

One thing we haven’t talked about yet is the food in New York City. There are so many amazing places to dine. If you have a place you want to try for dinner but don’t have time to take your shopping bags back to the hotel, luggage storage is the ideal solution. Drop your stuff off at one of the hundreds of locations dispersed around the city and enjoy your meal without constantly looking down to see if your bag is still there.


Convenience is the name of the game when it comes to NYC luggage storage. If this is the first time you’ve heard about it, I hope you found some useful answers to some of your questions. As I said, I had a couple of hesitations when I first considered using it. Now I can’t imagine how you enjoy New York City or any other big metropolis without it. Eliminating the weight of your bags, both literally and figuratively, frees you up to maximize your time wherever you are traveling.



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