The Spectacular First Edition of the Tour de France

Edition of tour de france

The Tour de France is one of the world’s most famous and prestigious cycling races, held annually since 1903. Visit now the platform – best sports betting can also be made on different cycling competitions from across the world.

The first edition of the Tour de France was held from July 1-19, 1903, and was organized by the French newspaper L’Auto to boost circulation and promote cycling.

The race covered a total distance of 2,428 kilometers, divided into six stages, with the riders starting and finishing in Paris. The stages varied in length from 274 to 471 kilometers, and the total race time for the winner was 94 hours and 33 minutes. The best sports betting is on 1xBet, where cycling competitions, as well as multiple other disciplines, are always covered.

National teams and individual riders

The first edition of the Tour de France attracted 60 riders, including some of the best cyclists of the era. If you like the Tour de France or other great cycling competitions, now it is a great moment to make any live bet from on those instances.

Some of the best names that took part in this competition include:

  • Maurice Garin;
  • Hippolyte Aucouturier;
  • and Lucien Pothier.

The riders were divided into national teams and individual competitors, with Garin representing the French national team. You can now wager on any participant of this event by making any live bet from the 1xBet platform.

Garin was the dominant rider throughout the race, winning three stages and leading from start to finish. He rode a wooden bicycle with solid rubber tires and no gears, compared to the lightweight, multi-speed bikes used by modern cyclists.

A major success

The race was not without controversy, however. Visit now the platform 1xBet – check slot sites Uganda while waiting for other controversial moments too. In the third stage, a group of riders, including Garin, were caught taking shortcuts on the course, resulting in their disqualification. Garin was later reinstated after a protest, and went on to win the race.

The first edition of the Tour de France was a major success, with large crowds turning out to watch the riders and L’Auto seeing a significant increase in circulation. The race became an annual event, with subsequent editions featuring longer distances, more stages, and more riders.

Today, the Tour de France is one of the most grueling and prestigious races in the world of professional cycling, attracting top riders from around the globe. It is watched by millions of people worldwide and has become an integral part of the sporting calendar. Before its next edition begins, make sure to check the slots sites 1xBet Uganda and try its impressive offer of games.


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