The Skilled Jimmy Connors

Jimmy Connors

Prior to the emergence of Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal, it was quite extraordinary to see a tennis player who played for more than 15 years. The online bookmaker has the most important tennis matches being played all over the world.

Yet, between the 1970s and the 1990s there was another legend. James Scott Connors, who is better known as Jimmy Connors, is a former tennis player who had a brilliant career between the years 1974 and 1996.

This means that he played for a staggering 22 years. Such a long career is extremely unusual. For wagering on other players with exceptional careers, the 1xBet online bookmaker is always available.


Lots of achievements

However, Jimmy Connors’ career is not only about how long it was. It is also incredible to see all the achievements that he obtained in the process. He made some incredible records that not even Nadal or Federer were able to break. You can try 1xBet iOS app right now to wager on other record-breaking sports people.

These records include:

  • being the most winning male tennis player ever, with 109 titles in total;
  • he is also the player with the largest number of matches ever played, with 1,557;
  • last but not least, he won 1,274 matches during his time as a professional player.

Out of those 109 titles, eight of them were Grand Slams. Unfortunately for him, he was unable to ever win Roland Garros. However, this doesn’t make his legend any smaller. Punters can try the 1xBet iOS app right now, and explore its excellent tennis section where punters can find incredible chances to wager.

An unmistakable playing style

One of the reasons why Jimmy Connors was so successful is undoubtedly his excellent playing style. As it has happened with many other tennis legends, he has been highly influential in inspiring younger generations, who have imitated him. When going to the website 1xBet – betting site live streaming is available to see what other incredible players are performing.

One of the most important aspects in Connors’ game was how he returned services. He did so by using the flat backhand. While this technique is commonplace nowadays, it was something fairly new in the player’s prime. If you want to wager on players who play like this, the betting site with live-streaming 1xBet is definitely the best option.

But another important aspect of the player’s game was getting the crowds involved. He did so by showing a tireless personality, but also by displaying a lot of character in the court. The latter made him have lots of arguments with umpires and officials.

Sometimes the crowds loved that, while on other occasions they hated it. The best tennis live-streaming is on the 1xBet betting site, and punters can visit it to watch the best players.



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