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The Great Sumo Wrestling

Sumo wrestling, a centuries-old Japanese sport, is a fascinating blend of tradition, ritual, and fierce competition. You can always play on 1xBet website, which also allows you to make great wagers on fighting sports too.

It’s a unique display of strength, technique, and cultural significance, with deep-rooted rituals that captivate both Japanese and international audiences.

Sumo’s origins trace back to ancient Japan, where it was initially practiced as a ritual to entertain deities and seek bountiful harvests.

Over the centuries, it evolved into a professional sport, attracting a dedicated fan base. If you are a fan of this discipline, you can play and wager on the 1xBet website too.

Rules and size of the fighters

Sumo matches, known as “bouts”, take place in a dohyo, a raised ring made of clay. The goal is simple. Fighters must force their opponents out of the ring or to make any part of their body (except the soles of their feet) touch the ground.

The bouts are remarkably short, often lasting just a few seconds, but they are packed with anticipation and explosive action. You can use the sports betting line available on 1xbet.com.gh/line if you know who is likely to win a contest of this kind too.

Size matters significantly in sumo wrestling. The top-ranked sumo wrestlers, known as “Yokozuna”, often weigh over 300 pounds (around 136 kilograms) and stand around 6 feet (183 centimeters) tall.

The average weight of a professional sumo wrestler is around 400 pounds (181 kilograms). The sports betting line available on the 1xBet website features many categories of fighting sports too.

Tournaments and significance

There are six major sumo tournaments held throughout the year in Japan, known as “basho”. Each basho lasts for 15 days, during which wrestlers compete intensely for wins.

Wrestlers aim to achieve a kachikoshi, which means winning more bouts than they lose, to improve their rank. If you want to wager on the best wrestlers, you can visit the http://1xbet.com.gh/line/wrestling website now.

Sumo wrestlers follow a rigorous training regimen. It includes things like:

  • daily practice sessions;
  • strength training;
  • and strict diets.

Wrestlers live in communal sumo stables, or “heya,” where they train, eat, and sleep under the guidance of a stablemaster.

Sumo wrestling is deeply ingrained in Japanese culture, and the sport has its own set of traditions and rituals. Before each bout, wrestlers perform a ritual known as “shiko,” which involves lifting their legs high and stomping them down.

The top division matches are preceded by a ceremonial ring-entering ceremony called “dohyo-iri.” For wagering on other fascinating sports held in Japan, visit 1xBet now.


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