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The 5 Biggest Shop Rite In Nigeria and their Locations

Which are the biggest Shop rite in Nigeria?

Shop rite is one of the biggest and most popular shopping malls in West Africa.

It is a special one indeed that has some kind of exhilarating effect that makes your hormones shout for joy at the mention of it.

Shop rite has some condiments that awakens your imagination to think about the excitement and shopping experience.

Is it the beautiful backgrounds for taking pictures, the fun and games, or the moving around to shop for what you need and what you don’t need – especially the ones that catches your attention? Lol.

Shop-rite is one of the places you would dare to visit. And if you have never been there, you should visit one of the 5 biggest Shop rite in Nigeria, so you wouldn’t only hear about it, but also talk about the fantastic experience.

In Shop rite, there are different types of groceries you’ll ever find: in search of different Nigerian foods, beverages, popular drinks and wines, utensils, and other various items you can ever think of.

Seriously, it’s a place you would always want to visit over and over again.

biggest shop rite in Nigeria - shopping experience

To have the most memorable experience about Shop rite, you can shop in any of these 5 biggest Shop rites in Nigeria, trust me, they’re like heaven on earth.

Top 5 Biggest Shop Rite In Nigeria

Shoprite got established in Nigeria in 2005, and since then, it has been known for its high quality-to-price ratio and satisfying customer service.

Below, you’ll find a list of the top largest Shop rite in Nigeria.


The biggest Shop-rite in Nigeria is the one in Lekki, Lagos and is located in Ikeja City mall, Alausa, one of Lagos state local government areas. It was opened in August 2016.

Interestingly, this is not the first Shop rite location in Nigeria; in fact, it is the seventh location of the supermarket chain in the country.

Though, it is not the only largest mall in the country but it is the largest location in the entire West African region.

It comes with almost a thousand parking spots which enables it to accommodate as much crowds as possible.

The Novare Lekki is 22,000 square meters in size.


The second biggest Shop rite in Nigeria goes to the one located in Ibadan. Funny enough, it is the second outlet in the city of Ibadan.

Another Shoprite was opened in this city as a result of its population, so it made business sense to open another one to accommodate the populace of one of the largest and most populated cities in Nigeria.

The leading supermarket retailer opened this store in late 2014.

The total footage of the Ibadan mall stands at 19,000 square meters with Shoprite having a territory of 4,700 square meters, taking up one-fourth of the entire space.

It has been a major economic boost to the country as it added about four hundred jobs to the local population.


The third place on my list of biggest Shoprite in Nigeria goes to the store located in Kano; it was opened in 2014.

The choice of Kano was as a result of its high population as people mean business. Don’t forget Kano is one of the largest states in Nigeria, so this is a strategic location.

Its construction took 3 years and a total of 110 Million Dollars to build. The total territory of the mall stands at 24,100 square meters while Shoprite takes up the most space out of all stores.


Palms Shopping Mall is located in Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria.

It was opened in 2005 making it the premiere Shoprite location in Nigeria.

The building also plays hosts to other notable establishments such as Game, Hub Media and also General Deluxe Cinemas.

Palms Shopping Mall is 19,520 square meters in size.


The last on my list of the top 5 biggest Shoprite in Nigeria is Delta City Mall, which is located in Effurun, Delta State.

It has a total area of 13,980 square meters and was opened in 2015.

Other Popular Malls In Nigeria

Nigeria is one of the countries in Africa that is blessed with a very large economy. Consumerism in the country has been on a growing trend in recent years.

Tinapa shopping Resort is the largest shopping mall in Nigeria with a retail space of 0.861 million square feet.


Tinapa Shopping Resort is the number one on the list of largest shopping malls in Nigeria and it has a retail space of 861,000 square feet.

It is located in the Tinapa Free Zone, near the city of Calabar and owned by the Tinapa Business Resort Limited, a local company.

The ex-governor of Cross River State, Donald Duke, saw to the development of the mall and also supervised its construction.

It was opened on 2nd April, 2007.


Polo Park Mall is another shopping mall that is considered to be one of the largest in Nigeria with a retail area of 0.242 million square feet.

The mall is situated in the city of Enugu and is owned by Broll Properties Services Limited, a leading real estate company in Nigeria but its development was carried out by the Persianas Group.

It was the first in Enugu State to be recognized as a “first world-class shopping mall” and is among a few in the country to have the distinction.

The shopping mall was opened by the Enugu State Government in September 2011.


Ikeja City Mall is another large shopping mall in Nigeria and is situated in the capital city of Lagos State, Ikeja.

The mall is one of the largest malls in Nigeria with a retail area of about a million square feet which has a building made up of two floors sitting on it.

Shoprite and Silver bird are the two anchor tenants of this large shopping mall.

This mall is owned by Broll Property Services Limited and was also in charge of its development with its construction which started in 2010.

The aforementioned are just few of the malls considered to be very large in Nigeria.

Others include: Jabi Lake Mall in Abuja with 26,479 meter square, Silver bird Entertainment Centre in Abuja with 23,000 meter square and many more.

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Interesting Facts About Shop Rite

Online shopping is one thing, and shopping offline is another entire experience.

  • Do you know that Shop rite is not a Nigerian company?

Shoprite Nigeria is just the subsidiary of Shoprite Holdings Ltd, a popular South African retail firm founded in 1979 by South African Billionaire, Mr Christo Wiese.

  • Shoprite started operations in Nigeria in December 2005 and opened its first supermarket in Nigeria in a new shopping center in Lagos.
  • Interestingly, Shoprite is the largest retail chain of grocery stores in Africa. The company has so many branches in many other Nigerian major cities like Onitsha, Abuja, Enugu, Kano, Ilorin, Ibadan, and many others.
  • Shoprite is trusted for its range of quality products and known for its sales at low prices.
  • Shoprite offers 50% discount to mark its Black Friday, a day set aside to sell its goods at lower prices to its customers.

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Concluding Notes On the Biggest Shop Rite In Nigeria

It is not a surprise that all these Shoprite malls claims to be the biggest Shop rite in Nigeria.

When every new Shoprite opens, they want to make it bigger and better than the previous one. We can readily expect that there’s going to be a new list of largest Shoprite every few years.

It’s indeed a real sense of entrepreneurship.

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