Does Technology Rule Your Life?

1201 Does technology rule your life Does technology rule your life

Lets say tomorrow you had to live without technology. Could you do it? It was only about 20 years ago that people were starting to use cell phones and ipods regularly.

Now you walk down the street and you see Ten year old’s who have smartphones. Now for most teens that have access to technology, it’s part of the daily routine.

But how do you think your life would be different without all the technology we’ve grown so accustomed to using? What if it all just disappeared?


Smartphones and laptops have become very important and useful around the world. These devices have made it easier for people to do business and send and receive messages.

Too much of technology?

Research has shown that 55% of high school students spend upwards of 7 hours a day using social networking sites and only two hours to learn and read.

Because of technology many people are now multitasking, which can cause a great deal of stress on the brain.

I can’t remember the last time I went to the shops and didn’t see someone on their cell phone either, having a screaming argument, talking with a boss about work, or just plain ignoring everyone around them.

I was in Target the other day and someone was on their cell phone texting and crashed right into another shopper. And we have people texting while driving. It just amazes me how we function at all with all these distractions.

We have become a tech-dependent society that can’t emotionally connect with each other. Instead we are constantly connecting with our phones to even notice the person standing right next to us.

Try going one whole day without technology and see what happens. You just might be forced to go have lunch with an old friend and talk face to face.

When it comes to having relationships with people you have to talk one on one. It’s only one day and who knows you just might feel a sense of relief not having to check your phone every two minutes for a Facebook update.

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