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Taking Your Lifestyle into Account When Building a New House

Now many prospective homeowners can boast the fact they are getting a brand new home. Building your own home is a huge privilege but it’s a responsibility as well.

Namely, you need to make the new home’s design matches your present and future lifestyle preferences.

Determining the stand position of the house

The direction of the house, i.e. its stand position is quite important.

You don’t want to position the house the wrong way, so you get awoken by Sun’s rays at dawn for most of the year. Rooms facing the south are cooler and more appropriate for colder climates.

On the other hand, rooms and windows facing the west or north get hit with intense afternoon sun, so it’s better to wall off this side of the house, keeping the number of windows at the bare minimum.

Getting the size right

For investors who have a carte blanche in terms of the building budget, bigger is not necessarily better.

Namely, the size of your new home should match the expected number of inhabitants.

If you are going to live inside the house with your spouse and one child, then there is no logical justification for two or more bathrooms.

On the other side, if you have a lot of friends or plan a big family, try to partition the space as much as possible to get guest rooms and nurseries.

If you’re still finding it hard to estimate the appropriate size of the houses, feel free to consult an architect, as professionals understand the concept of interior space much better.

Getting on well with the contractor

It seems like an odd thing to state but you need to “click” with the contractor.

You might have envisioned your new abode but they are the ones that are actually going to build it.

Therefore, choose an individual that can understand your needs and preferences.

You will find suitable new home builders by taking a look at their respective portfolios. If their design solutions from previous projects are something you fancy, then consider giving them a ring.

An extra way to make sure you are choosing the right builder/contractor is to head to the comments section on their social media profiles.

“There goes the neighborhood”

You could build a house straight of a fairy tale but unless its surroundings are “livable,” then your effort will go to waste.

Namely, you need to make sure the new neighborhood can sustain your present lifestyle.

This includes everything from looking into crime rates to the number of schools and hospitals nearby.

Also, you need to find out discretely who your next-door neighbors will be. At some point in time, you will have to communicate with them, so why not make the first step early on.

Perhaps you’ll need to discuss where the fence will be or if your new house is too close to their structure.

Let there be light!

If you’re a cheerful person, then you probably won’t prefer living in a dark house, both literally and metaphorically.

Modern design trends prefer as many windows as possible. Preferably, there should exist walls entirely made from glass. These are especially suitable for estates that come with a view.

Even if your new suburban house is going to be squeezed between two edifices, you can still add extra windows on the front and back façade of the house.

If you shower often or lie to enjoy soapy baths (who doesn’t!), then make sure the bathroom has at least one window for ventilation purposes.

Where should the bedroom be located?

Since we spend a third of the day sleeping, the design of the bedroom is particularly important.

Firstly, the bedroom should be far away from the noise and smog of the street outside. Furthermore, the master bedroom shouldn’t be over the main living quarters, i.e. the living room downstairs.

In general, more the bedroom as far as possible from all noise sources, whether external or internal.

The windows of the bedroom should be equipped with shutters to prevent the street light from disrupting your sleep. If possible, install double-glazed noise-reduction windows for the ultimate peace and quiet.

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Building a brand new home is an exciting experience and most people have to wait decades before they come up with enough money to design their own.

Therefore, don’t miss the chance to design your new home according to your lifestyle, whether it’s the home’s stand positon or the neighborhood in question.

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