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Sustainable Engineering Projects In Perth Will Improve Transport and Livability

Perhaps some of the most exciting projects that are starting to take shape in today’s construction panorama are the environmentally sustainable buildings on the horizon.

With the common topic of renewable energy sources and the different ways they can be respectively implemented, buildings are a common solution to said topic.

One of the leading examples in the field can be found in Perth, Australia. Perth’s innovation in the construction scene is in fact taking quite the toll.

So much so, that there is even a tour that can bring you around to see the different buildings and projects.

With environmental sustainability in mind, many construction partners are looking to put new eco friendly buildings on the map.


One of Perth’s main examples of such, and the first stop on the tour, is fitzpatrick+partners’ tall glass office tower located at 235 St George’s Terrace.

The fitzpatrick+partners construction was in fact listed as one of the most environmentally sustainable  buildings in Western Australia; no wonder it’s where the Sustainable Perth Walking Tour begins from.

Sponsored by the Green Building Council, the walking tour is two kilometres long and brings its participants to see the different “green” buildings around Perth.

Among the buildings the tour, tourists are also given the chance to admire the “greenest” building in the Western Australia area, also known as the Green Skills Training Centre.

In fact, the Green Skills Training Centre has been awarded the prestigious title thanks to it producing 100% of the energy needed in the building (including the air conditioning and heating) through its very modern solar power plant system.

It comes as no surprise then that a whole day has been set aside to celebrate the eco friendly buildings and their impact on the environment.

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The celebration known as “Green Building Day” falls on June 1st where the celebration welcomes technicians, architects, city government representatives, and of course the construction firms.

The day is a new way of honoring the work done, and creating incentive for the future. In fact since 2003, and every building built in Australia since, can be measured in terms of “greenness” by receiving a rating from 1 to 6 on the “Green Star” scale.

The rating is given by the Green Building Council of Australia, and is just one of the examples that shows the commitment to the cause.

More examples can also be found in the upcoming renovations to some of Perth’s main infrastructures.

For example the $1 billion going into Perth’s international airport, $2.6 billion in the Elizabeth Quay waterfront redevelopment, and even $428 million for the upcoming museum dedicated to Western Australia’s history.

As a matter of fact, Perth is so dedicated to going green that just recently in 2017 Perth’s city’s government has issued a two-year program that aims at economically supporting landlords and business owners who commit to respecting the “green criteria”.

Alongside the initiative,  the city also included a “ Strategic Community Plan” which aims at improving Perth’s overall development and uniting sustainability, water conservation, energy usage, and recognizing climate change and its effects.

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