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7 Quick Steps That Will Help You Develop Good Habits

A good habit is a behavior that is beneficial to one’s physical or mental health, often linked to a high level of discipline and self-control.

Good habits helps do positive things, and that’s why forming a good habit leads to productivity. But good habits doesn’t just come easily, you must allow yourself to practice these habits.

It Doesn’t happen overnight

The process of developing good habits begins with setting milestones of good habits you want to develop and taking necessary actions towards achieving each.

One of the big habit myths is the belief that it only takes 21 days for a habit to form. The fact is how “long” it takes to form a habit depends on the individual, the habit being formed, environmental factors, etc.

Reaching an imaginary number of days is not how you get results. So, don’t put a lot of pressure on yourself or blame yourself if changes are not immediately seen.

7 Steps to developing good habits

These 7 quick steps will give you the motivation you need.

Devise a Plan

When on the path to developing a new habit, it is essential to devise a plan with goals that can be met. Be realistic, don’t fantasize about something unrealistic.

What does planning have to do with habits? 

The step that many people skip when they fantasize about building a certain habit is they never clearly answer why they want it. It may seem like a small detail, but it plays a huge role in keeping motivation over time.

The best way to do this is to set “macro goals” and “micro quotas.”

  • Goals should be the big picture items that you wish to someday accomplish.
  • Your quotas on the other hand are the minimum amounts of work that you must get done every single day to make it a reality.

Seek Support from friends and family

Let the ones close to you know what you’re trying to accomplish. They can be perfect for keeping you on track. For example, learning to be confident is a good habit and your friends can help out on this.

Keep decisions to a minimum

Don’t find yourself in a situation where you’re doing too much. Having too many decisions takes away from more important ones you need to make.

Recognize what needs to be changed

In order to be on the path of developing good habits, you must first recognize the negatives in your life that need changing.

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Discover your obstacles

Figure out what your challenges are. Discovering this will heolp you plan out a sound strategy into overcoming certain obstacles in front of you.

Create a routine

Putting together a routine for yourself is important. For example, waking up at a certain time to start your day is the right repetition needed in developing new a habit

Find ways to reward yourself

This is arguable the most important of all the steps. Adopting new habits is hard work, so taking the time to reward your good behavior is a nice payoff.

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