12 Quick steps to Choosing Your Business Domain Name

Oasdom.com Choosing a business domain name
Oasdom.com Choosing a business domain name

A domain name is a unique name that identifies a website. Each website has a domain name that serves as an address, which is used to access the website.

Whenever you visit a website, the domain name appears in the address bar of the web browser.

Coupled with important features your business website should have, understanding what’s in a business name itself will help you choose a great domain name.


Here are 12 steps to getting started with having one – choosing your business domain name.

Keep it Catchy

Your website domain name should be captivating and memorable. Something that a potential customer could fully internalize, remember, and pass along.

Keep it Simple

Long abbreviations, double meanings, numbers, hyphenated words…are busy and distracting

Keep it Short

The internet is all about getting the answers and results you want – fast. If your business domain name is lengthy, wordy, and slows them down, your business and online presence will suffer from it.

Make it Pronounceable

When you’re brainstorming your business domain name, do a quick check to see if you can literally say it out loud. Ask a friend or colleague to read your business domain name and say it back to you.

Make it Obvious

If your visitor can click on your website domain name and intuitively understand what kind of page they’ll land on ans what business you run, then that’s a big positive for your business domain name.

Identify the Goal of Your Website & Business

If you want to be found online, you should make sure that your business domain name makes sense with what your service and business are.

Choose Your Extension

If you’re trying to have an easy, recognizable business domain name,.com is probably the best extension for you. You’ll be able to build up a very brandable business domain name that your customers and network can share.

Check to See if It’s Available Across Social Channels

If you want to have a social media presence, with a Twitter handle, Instagram account, or Pinterest account, check to see if your website’s domain name is available across social handles before you lock it in and purchase it.

Avoid Business Domain Names That are Similar to Others

As you’re coming up with your business domain name, check to make sure it’s totally unique.

Think About Keywords- But Don’t Exclusively Think About Keywords

If you want to put keywords into your domain name – you can just try to stay as broad as possible with target keywords so you don’t close any doors down the line.

Don’t Marry Yourself to One Business Domain Name

It’s good idea to check to see if the business domain name is available before you spend weeks crafting the name and having your creative team work through it.

Move Fast

Domain names sell fast. When you have the perfect business domain name, move quickly. Check out Namecheap.com to quickly purchase a hosting package where you get the opportunity to get domain name for free.

Tips: Domain Name Extensions & Their Meanings

.COM – Commercial: Currently, this is the most popular extension, it’s chosen by almost companies and businesses to create a blog or website.

.NET – Network: The second most popular extension now, it’s also used by companies, internet services provider or organization that are related to internet fields to create a blog for their business.

.BIZ – Business: It’s used to create a blog or website for small business, e.g small eCommerce business.

.GOV – Government: It’s used to create a blog or website for companies, organizations that are owned by government

.ORG – Organization: It’s usually used for non-profit organization or eCommerce companies/organization,…

.EDU: Education – It’s used for schools, universities, or education organization,…

.INFO – Information: It’s usually used for website that sharing information or resources about many fields,…

.TV – Television: It’s used for website about television, video sharing,…

.MOBI – Mobile: It’s used for mobile website or mobile app,…

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