How Do Solar Panels Work?

1072 how does solar panels work how does solar panels work

The sun controls the vast majority of life on Earth, from the smallest phytoplankton organisms, to the giant redwood of great forests.

Plants have a great ability to convert light from the sun into energy for themselves in the process of photosynthesis. This energy then provides energy that can be transferred across various food-webs.

In recent years, humanity have been able to capture this energy from the sunlight, and use it to power a lot of the tools we now depend on to survive.

This is primarily done through the use of solar panels, which are effectively electronic slates that convert sunlight into electricity.

Most people now just assume that this process happens, without any knowledge of how or why this actually Does.

To combat this, we at The Solar Centre created this wonderful infographic in order to teach people just how these great inventions work! Take a look for yourself and let us know whether you knew this or not!