Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Here are 29 Social Media Predictions For 2018

This past year was a hot year for the social media marketing world, especially for content creators.

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Video, in particular, quickly swept over all social platforms and became a main focus for many marketers. And as content production is on the rise, consumer attention spans are on a fast decline.

This leaves the rest of us in a constant battle to produce relevant, high-quality, captivating content in quick snippets. That’s how short-form (10-30 second) videos have taken over social media in 2017.

That’s only one of many trends we saw sprout up in 2017, but what should we be expecting in 2018?

About two years ago, Facebook’s vice president for europe predicted that within 5 years the entire social network will consist of video content and we’ve started to see that happen.

The infographic from socialmediatoday is a visual round-up of our 2018 social media marketing predictions:

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