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The Slogans of Political Parties In Nigeria

With more than 90 political parties in Nigeria, you may wonder; why are there so many parties in Nigeria today? Is it really for the interest of the masses?

Well, every political party has got a mission and vision all crafted into a captivating slogan that will win the heart of people.

As a requirement to contest elections in Nigeria, candidates must belong to parties approved by the Independent National Electoral Commission.

In this quick post, I’m going to share with you the slogans of political parties in Nigeria.

Slogans of Political Parties In Nigeria

Please note not all of these parties have their slogans or motto present in here. But the majority of all the current political parties in Nigeria are quite known.


Party Names


1.Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party (ANRP)Abundant Nigeria
2.Accord (A)Oneness and progress
3.Action Alliance (AA)Let the Masses Live
4.Action Democratic Party (ADP)One Destiny
5.Action People’s Party (APP)Strong Economy. United Nigeria
6.Advanced Allied Party (AAP)Make Life Better for Naija
7.Advanced Congress of Democrats (ACD)Justice, Peace and Development
8.Advanced Nigeria Democratic Party (ANDP)Unity and Transparency
9.Advanced People Democratic Alliance (APDA)Stand Together
10.African Action Congress (AAC)Take it Back-Action
11.African Democratic Congress (ADC)Arise and Shine
12.African People’s Alliance (APA)Peace, Unity and Development
13.All Blending Party (ABP)Restore our Honor and Glory
14.All Grand Alliance Party (AGAP)Prosperity for the people
15.All Grassroots Alliance (AGA)peace, progress and prosperity
16.All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA)
17.All Progressives Congress (APC)Change
18.Alliance for a United Nigeria (AUN)Peace, Unity and Empowerment
19.Alliance for Democracy (AD)
20.Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN)A New Nigeria
21.Alliance National Party (ANP)Peace and Development
22.Alliance of Social Democrats (ASD)The Lamb of the Nation
23.Allied Congress Party of Nigeria (ACPN)Fight for Naija
24.Allied People’s Movement (APM)Nigeria First
25.Alternative Party of Nigeria (APN)
26.Better Nigeria Progressive Party (BNPP)Better Nigeria
27.Change Nigeria Party (CNP)The future is now
28.Change Advocacy Party (CAP)
29.Coalition for Change (C4C)Possibility of a new Nigeria
30.Congress of Patriots (COP)
31.Democratic Alternative (DA)For Democracy and Liberation
32.Democratic People’s Congress (DPC)Moving Forward with the People
33.Democratic People’s Party (DPP)
34.Freedom and Justice Party (FJP)Nigeria without tears
35.Fresh Democratic Party (FDP)
36.Grassroots Development Party of Nigeria (GDPN)Solution to the Nation
37.Green Party of Nigeria (GPN)Progress  for the People
38.Hope Democratic Party (HDP)Hope
39.Independent Democrats (ID)
40.Justice Must Prevail Party (JMPP)Justice, Equity and Transformation
41.Kowa Party (KP)Together, we make a ddifference
42.Labor Party (LP)Equal opportunity and social justice
43.Legacy Party of Nigeria (LPN)Love people of Nigeria
44.Liberation Movement (LM)Equality and prosperity
45.Mass Action Joint Alliance (MAJA)In God We Trust
46.Masses Movement of Nigerian (MMN)
47.Mega Progressive People’s Party (MPPP)
48.Modern Democratic Party (MDP)Get Involved
49.Movement for Restoration and Defense of Democracy (MRDD)
50.National Action Council (NAC)Power for Action in the hands of the people
51.National Conscience Party (NCP)Abolition of Poverty
52.National Democratic Liberty Party (NDLP)
53.National Interest Party (NIP)A Nigeria for All
54.National Rescue Movement (NRM)Together we can rescue our Nation, Nigeria
55.National Unity Party (NUP)One nation, one people
56.New Generation Party (NGP)
57.New Nigeria People Party (NNPP)
58.New Progressive Movement (NPM)Success
59.Nigeria Community Movement Party (NCMP)One Nation
60.Nigeria Democratic Congress Party (NDCP)Unite for Progress
61.Nigeria Elements Progressive Party (NEPP)The Future is Back
62.Nigeria for Democracy (NFD)Take Back Nigeria
63.Nigeria People Congress (NPC)
64.People Democratic Movement (PDM)
65.People for Democratic Change (PDC)
66.People’s Democratic Party (PDP)Power to the people
67.People’s Trust (PT)
68.Peoples Coalition Party (PCP)
69.Peoples Party of Nigeria (PPN)Equity and Progress
70.Peoples Progressive Party (PPP)
71.Peoples Redemption Party (PRP)Victory
72.Progressive People’s Alliance (PPA)
73.Providence People’s Congress (PPC)Get it Right, Do it Right
74.Re-build Nigeria Party (RBNP)All Hands On Deck
75.Reform and Advancement Party (RAP)
76.Restoration Party (RP)Arise and Shine
77.Save Nigeria Congress (SNC)Nigeria shall Rise Again
78.Social Democratic Party (SDP)Progress
79.Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN)Party for workers, Youths and the Poor.
80.Sustainable National Party (SNP)The Time is Now
81.United Democratic Party (UDP)
82.United Patriots (UP)United We stands
83.United People’s Congress (UPC)Determination, Prosperity and Royalty
84.United Progressive Party (UPP)Love and Unity
85.Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN)
86.We The People Nigeria (WTPN)Building a New Nigeria
87.YES Electorates Solidarity (YES)Make Nigeria Greater
88.Young Democratic Party (YDP)The Light has come
89.Young Progressive Party (YPP)Unity, Service and Accountability
90.Youth Party (YP)Shape the Future
91.Zenith Labor Party (ZLP)Together we are


Did you find this list helpful? Do give it a like and share. Also, if you’ve got information about the slogan of political parties not listed here, please use the comment box below.

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