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5 Short Wig Styles for Africa’s Corporate Women

When you’re a woman in the corporate world, every second counts.

You need strong time management skills to be successful and know that you’ll be judged on how you present yourself.

The unfortunate truth is that women in the corporate world have to work twice as hard to be successful.

That’s why so many of Africa’s corporate women are wearing wigs to streamline their morning routines while making a statement.

5 Short Wig Styles For Africa’s Corporate Women

Here are five short wig styles for Africa’s corporate women, and how to choose the right one for you to spice up your fashion and style.

Short, Swept Layers

Short wigs offer a lot of versatility, and the opportunity to add texture, volume, and dimension.

Short, swept layers add a bit of length and the option for creating dimension with highlights. It’s the perfect balance between business casual and an edgy, playful side.

Look for a wig that holds its style and can be adhered quickly and easily without compromising on realism.

Experiment with products to get a fierce windswept look, or smooth it down with pomade for an elegant alternative that will stand out at formal events.

Piecey Pixie

Pixie cuts are easy to style and require minimal maintenance in wig form.

They can be styled as a simple pixie, slicked down for a chic, ultra-modern look, or even put into a faux updo with a pompadour.

In other words, if you prefer a short wig but get bored quickly, a pixie cut might be the best option for you.

A piecey pixie adds dimension to the look with longer and shorter pieces in various cuts.

A quick run of your fingers through the layers can take the volume up to the next level for a look that’s different each day.

blunt lub wig hairstyle

Blunt Lob

For a longer version of a short wig, you can’t go wrong with the blunt lob (long bob). This classy, sleek look walks the line between professional and sexy.

The blunt edge invokes a no-nonsense image that does wonders in a corporate setting.

The blunt lob also looks phenomenal on those who have prominent cheekbones and a high forehead.

If the severity of the blunt lob is a bit much for you, swap it out for a tousled, wavy lob. Add some layers and texture for a breezy, relaxed look that’s still professional and easy to manage. 

Asymmetrical Deep Side Part

The asymmetrical deep side part is a look that women who are self-conscious about having a high forehead have used for years.

The side part provides some coverage and takes the focus away from the forehead. 

The asymmetrical look works exceptionally well with the deep part while also conveying a chic, modern facade.

This style of short wigs looks fantastic when flat ironed or with curls, making it a versatile option that keeps things fresh.

French Girl Bob

The French girl pop is an iconic Parisian-inspired look for those who like something a little more vintage-inspired and classic.

This wig style is defined by a sharp stop at the jawline paired with an eyebrow length fringe. 

This is a versatile look that you can style to your liking. Choose a blunt cut bang or add some whisps and texture.

Go for a straight, blunt cut or opt for a slight stack with layers. The French girl bob is equal parts bold and feminine, making it ideal for a woman in a corporate atmosphere. 

Tips for Choosing a Wig

While your hairstyle is an important consideration, there are a lot of other factors to think about when choosing a wig. 

For example, the cap style is an important factor when thinking about how you want your wig to look.

A lace front cap is a popular option, while 360 lace wigs offer more versatility (get more on this site about cap styles).

Also, Read 30 latest Nigerian lace styles and designs,

You should also consider whether you want synthetic or human hair. While human hair obviously looks more realistic, it’s susceptible to the same challenges non-wig wearers face.

For example, heat damage, humidity, etc. Synthetic wigs are less versatile but hold their shape better for longer.

Regardless of which style you choose, you get what you pay for— the higher quality the wig, the more it will cost you.

Short Wig Care and Maintenance Tips

Wig care and maintenance will also play a significant role in what you choose.

As one of the benefits of wearing a wig is minimizing time spent getting ready on a busy schedule, you’ll want to find a maintenance routine that works for you.

For corporate women who travel often, you’ll also need to think about how you’ll safely transport your wig as well as the accessories required to wear it and store it. 

There are plenty of short, stylish wigs that are perfect for the busy corporate women of Africa.

Find a look you love, and give yourself time to practice putting your wig on comfortably and securely.

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