How to Set Up a Home Office Outdoors

Setup outdoor office

As more and more workers are switching to working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic, it has become important to what will your home office look like.

For instance, during spring and summer, there is no need to work from inside the house, as you can set up a home office outdoors.

Plenty of fresh air

You’d think that fresh air isn’t miraculous but in fact, it comes with a multitude of health benefits. Some of these include the ability to focus better and energizing your mind and body.


Back in the office, you would drink a cup of coffee in the morning to get you going but all you really need is a breath of fresh air.

In fact, scientists agree that it only takes 20 minutes outside every day to reap the health benefits of fresh air.

A green office

Back inside your home or office, you probably tried to introduce houseplants to make the space greener.

However, once you move the office to the outside, whether it’s a balcony or your backyard, you will work against a natural-occurring green backdrop.

There are countless benefits of working surrounded by nature. For one, your mood will brighten u and you won’t feel as stressed as before.

Furthermore, you won’t tense anymore, as plant life in combination with fresh air soothes our mind.

Comfortable seating options

Office chairs come in all shapes and sizes and their designers have had ergonomics in mind.

However, once you step inside the garden, swivel chairs become painfully ineffective “against” the lawn and bare ground in general.

However, this is not a bad thing, as the seating options are endless (and comfortable as heck).

For instance, you can gran a rocking chair and place it on the balcony to rock among the petunias. As an alternative, you can get a bench swing for the backyard and be productive and laid-back at the same time.

A sunlit office

When working outside in spring and summer, you are going to sit in the sun most of the time.

Don’t get us wrong, this is a good thing but you have to be careful not to sunburn. Installing an eclipse opening roof is a great way to regulate the amount of sunlight your skin is exposed to.

A perk of an outdoor home office is the fact you can sunbathe and work at the same time. This ensures you get your daily dose of vitamin D but you can easily lose track of time and get sunburn instead of a tan.

No more sign days

Once you swap your old office post for a place inside a garden back home, nearly all your ailments will miraculously go away.

Some studies show that people who work from an exterior home office hardly ever report sick days. The fewer sick days the company has annually, the more productive it will be.

However, you should protect yourself against allergens, as they are abundant in dense foliage. For instance, if you are allergic to pollen, then avoid spending time outside during springtime from 5 AM to 9 AM.

“Soundproofing” your new office

When working outside, it’s impossible to eliminate noise, right? Well, you can never eliminate all the outside noises but you can reduce them significantly.

One example is green barriers, which is essentially hedge running along the outer perimeter of your backyard.

A green barrier will muffle noise, as well as trap dust particles generated by street traffic.

Of course, everything listed above is true of the urban environment. If you want absolute peace and quiet, then head to the countryside!

Go full wireless

The working environment outside should be as au naturel as possible. Dragging black power cables is something you don’t want to do.

Before you are ready to migrate the office to the outside, make sure you have all the equipment to go full wireless. From the Internet connection to the laptop battery, make sure are 100% autonomous.

“Do not disturb”

When you travel away and decide to get some work done, you can always hang the “do not disturb” sign on the hotel door.

However, you cannot do the same inside the backyard, so make sure other people don’t see you in the first place.

The aforementioned opening roof is a great way to camouflage your outdoor office. Furthermore, you can let the hedges grow tall so passersby by and noisy parkers cannot see you sitting outside.

Once you zone out of the outside world, you will better concentrate on the work ahead. Also if your backyard comes with a view, look far away only while pausing, so as not to distract yourself.

Setting up a home office outdoors isn’t as hard or expensive as it sounds at first. A strong Wi-Fi is probably the costliest piece of equipment you’ll have to buy.

Once you feel the sun shining on your face, you will be grateful you relocated from the stuffy office building.