6 Vital Things In Life That Schools Have Failed to Teach Students

Oasdom.com what schools dont teach.
Oasdom.com what schools dont teach.

When adolescents get ready to graduate from schools and prepare to go to colleges, they seem to have a blurry vision. And when they move on they have no idea of how the world works to this day.

For old-fogeys, it can be disappointing that many educational institutions show gross inequity. Most schoolers live in a fairy tale where everyone agrees, gives hugs, and doesn’t enter into conflicts.

They think the way they do because they haven’t seen the real world yet. Today, educators are not concerned about teaching schoolers life skills along with other classes.

For example no one is going to teach you self reliance that will make you think and act like a man, you’ll have to learn that yourself.

6 Vital Things Schools Don’t Teach

And below, there are some of the vital things schools don’t teach.

2Kids are Not Taught Tolerance

There are many colleges that preach unity; however, not all institutions are like that. Sometimes it happens that students and faculties make some pressure on lecturers simply because they cannot agree with their conservative views.

There is no doubt, that on some levels of schools there are also cases of intolerance. In fact, being tolerant of others, their origin, and beliefs can help kids to succeed in life.

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3Educators Should Teach Wisdom

In school, kids are required to acquire as many educational matters as possible. They have to learn many facts by heart, swot for exams, and memorize algebra – but most of these things computers do much better than humans do today.

Meanwhile, schoolers fail to manage their money properly, they face many difficulties when making new friends, and so forth. Instead of learning unnecessary information, they would rather master their critical life skills.

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Most educators believe that this is the adults’ burden to teach teenagers how to live. But not all adults have the needed knowledge to devolve to their kids. Therefore, the younger generation is unequal to the difficulties a real world has.

To change the situation, schools should provide financial management, communication, empathy, and healthy lifestyle training. Psychology could solve this problem, but this course is available only in college and it is not mandatory.

4They Should Explain How to Network with Others

Nowadays, teenagers are more into tweeting, posting, and messaging. Therefore, an increasing number of kids have to seek help from writing services on a regular basis as they cannot create their academic papers on their own.

Actually, this is only one disadvantage of social media. Another one is all about the lack of real communication which should help students to develop their person-to-person and negotiation skills alike.

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Modern adolescents deal with some difficulties when they face the need to express their thoughts at a professional level. This is what a person experiences when he or she doesn’t know how to network with other people.

Educators should tell students how to forge connections, build relationships with each other in a professional context, and appreciate friendship.

5They Have to Develop Teenagers’ Abilities to Cope with Stress

Coping skills are what both parents and educators neglect to teach their fosterlings. The ability to cope with stress is very helpful in various stressful situations where a person can find oneself suddenly.

To develop this type of skills, individuals need to take some practice. Nevertheless, over the time, using these abilities becomes much easier.

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The most crucial thing about these skills is that they contribute to the people’s mental health and general well-being. Individuals with poor skills are not able to cope with disappointment, cannot control their emotions, and fail to concentrate on something important.

6Students Should Know How to Influence Others

No matter whether students are looking for a position of a sales manager or not, more and more jobs require candidates to be able to influence their clients.

When it comes to social media, the managers have to influence followers. A leadership team requires its members to influence employees.

Those dealing with customers should know how to make them make an order or buy something, and so forth.  Such an ability is vital in the modern life and it separates those who easily win jobs and those who don’t.

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Schools don’t focus on developing such types of soft skills. This is mainly because of their inability to evaluate students in the way they do with other classes.

Nevertheless, schools can teach these skills; educators don’t have to be talented speakers, writers, or sales managers to teach these abilities.

7They Shouldn’t Prevent Students from Growing-Up

Learning is an engine for progress. But most people take everything literary and don’t try to ask questions and find the answers for them.

The problem is that it is extremely important for kids to know that they cannot take every fact for granted, they have to know that where the crowd is, there may be no truth.

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Kids should earn a degree to become good professionals and build a career. However, there is something more. Today, we see how different educational institutions play politics and not allow kids to grow up. Therefore, everything should be put on the adults’ shoulders.

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