Scalp Micro-Pigmentation- Why You Need T Know About It

Scalp Micropigmentation

Microblading is a common practice. Many women seek the service to get an illusion of full eyebrows.

That is why you may know so much about microblading. But have you heard anything about scalp micropigmentation?

Life stresses can lead to hair thinning. It is better when you do not notice since it only adds to your stress.


It is quite uncomfortable wearing wigs to cover hair loss. It is even close to impossible to wear the same during the summer.

But there’s some good news for you. You can get some micro scalp pigmentation to help you cover thinning hair.

It is a semi-permanent solution to hair loss. However, before you settle for the Procedure, there are a few things you need to know.

What Is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Do you know you can have hair that appears full without a transplant?

Scalp micro pigmentation (SMP) is a process where a specialist injects pigments into your scalp with special micro-needles. The pigments make the scalp look like it is full of hair.

You have to undergo three sessions for perfect results. During each session, the doctor injects the pigments into your scalp.

The session lasts for about three hours. You leave the specialist’s office with instant results. The subsequent sessions fill in the gaps that were left during the previous session.

The technician needs to be careful of the color of the pigment they select for your scalp. It should be the same shade as your natural hair.

Thus, you should not have any hair dye at the time you have an SMP. It acts as camouflage for your problem.

Candidates for Scalp Micropigmentation

Various circumstances can qualify you as an SMP candidate. If you are experiencing hair thinning, do not hide the problem under a wig.

SMP can help cover your problem without roasting your scalp under the wigs. You can also seek the service if you experience balding, lupus, alopecia, and other conditions that lead to hair loss.

If you are experiencing a receding hairline, you can have an SMP before finding a permanent hair solution.

Even if you adopt a healthy-hair regimen, it will take time before it shows results. The SMP will cover the hair loss as you work on regrowing healthy hair.

In all advertisements, they portray the process as a solution for people with a close haircut. However, you can have the SMP even with your long hair.

The purpose of the pigments is to cover gaps between hair follicles, making the hair look thick.

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How Long Does SMP Last?

Scalp micro pigmentation will serve you for about four to six years. Some people consider it a permanent method since it involves injecting ink into your scalp.

However, the ink may fade away with time, making it a semi-permanent solution.

It does not stop the hair loss, so, without proper hair care, you may lose all your hair and be left with pigments only. It is advised you take a repair process after six years to cover the faded ink.

 What is the Average cost of the Procedure?

SMP is one of the affordable hair loss treatments you will find in the market. The cost is just a fraction of what you may use in a hair transplant.

It is even cheaper than most hair loss treatments in the market.

There are a few factors that affect the price of SMP. they include the experience of the specialist, qualifications, and the class of the clinic they operate.

Also, the geographical location will affect the total cost of SMP. For instance, if the clinic is in a large urban center, the clinic should pay many charges and taxes to the local government.

Also, rents in cities are higher than in small towns. All these costs are pushed down to the client, who happens to be you and others.

If you have a bald, you will need about $1800 to $4000 for all three sessions.

However, if you need SMP for a less severe case like receding hairline, patches, and thinning hair, you will pay as little as $1200 to a maximum of $2500.

Does SMP work? 

Do you want your hair to look thick and dense? Do you want to cover your bald hairline?

Are you looking for a solution to your hair loss problem? If your answer to the questions is yes, then you need to seek scalp micropigmentation Los Angeles.

Like a regular tattoo, the SMP will last forever, and you will only retouch after every few years to restore the color.

If you seek high-quality treatment, you will stay for many years without a need for a retouch.

Also, the pigments will blend in with your hair giving you a natural look. But if you seek cheap services from an unqualified person, you are likely to have uneven pigmentation, making your scalp appear unnatural.

Benefits of Scalp Micropigmentation

  • It is an affordable method of hair loss treatment.
  • You get the results instantly. You do not have to wait for the process to bear fruits.
  • The results are natural—the ink blends in with your hair.
  • The Procedure is non-invasive
  • SMP covers any noticeable scars on your scalp. It helps to elevate your self-esteem.
  • You can use SMP alongside another hairstyle.
  • You can correct any fading of the pigments. The repeated process is cheaper than the initial one.
  • It is an excellent process if you are not for a hair transplant.

Disadvantages of SMP

  • You can not change your mind after you have the SMP. the process is natural, and you will have to live with the ink in your scalp forever.
  • If you have a smooth bald before the SMP, you will still have a smooth head after the SMP. The only difference will be the illusion of hair dye to the ink pigments in your scalp.
  • Since the specialists use ink, it is likely to fade over time. You cannot protect the scalp from the sun all the time. The UV rays will react with the ink and strip it off the shine and color. Hence, you will need to repeat the process after a couple of years.
  • Scalp micro pigmentation gives men limited hairstyle options. They have to keep the hair short so that the pigments blend in with the hair. This is hectic as you will need to shave your hair so often. It only works on long hair if you only needed to fill in a scar.
  • The treatment can be painful since the specialist uses needles to inject the ink. Also, you may not get anesthesia.

Final Word

Reach out to micro scalp pigmentation in Los Angeles to have a solution to your hair loss problems.

The process is easy and affordable. However, be keen when you are selecting a clinic or a practitioner.

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