Say Yes To Child Adoption This Children’s Day.

Child Adoption

Susan Caughman, the editor & publisher of the Adoptive Families Magazine, asserted in this  context, “There are many myths about adoption that may scare couples away from even considering it.”

Gifting a child, with a snug home- is the best thing that you could do on this children’s day, or any day. Although this noble process is no less than birthing your own child. In fact, it is a further convoluted procedure.

Some lucky couples, who are blessed with a quick adoption procedure will never understand, how exhausting this process can be. Majority of couples, whether adopting domestically or internationally, have asserted that, adoption can be an extremely daunting, time consuming, and expensive process.


Keep scrolling through this article to know some of the best steps that you can take while planning to adopt a child.

7 Best Steps That You Can Take Regarding Child Adoption

However, I have attempted to demystify this process in the due course of this article.   Here’s presenting a step-by-step guide that will help prospective parents with any adoption-related doubts:

1. Conduct Your Individual Research And Development

Nothing is better than running your own research on this matter. You can start off by reading voraciously, networking with the parents who have adopted before, and joining a local support group.

Prepare with the questions that you will have to answer about your family. The following would be:

  • Whether you want to adopt a newborn or an older kid?
  • Whether you are ready to welcome a child coming from a different race?
  • Whether you want to adopt internationally or domestically?

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2. Select A Certified Adoption Agency Or Attorney

The tales of fraudulent adoption agencies are known to all. Therefore, make sure you go to a licensed adoption agency. However, there are a few steps following which you will be able to combat these frauds:

  • Do not trust unlicensed facilitators. For they are illegal & not well-regulated win many states.
  • Inquire about the screening process of the birth mothers. Ask the agencies, whether the birth mother has to give proof of the pregnancy? Or Whether the biological father has to terminate his rights?
  • Most birth mothers give up their child for adoption, because they cannot afford to raise the child. But an immediate and unusual demand for money, from the birth mother, is a big  red flag.
  • Network with the online forums.

3. Decide Wisely On Who You Want To Work With

Both agencies & attorneys assist couples, in preparing them for the paperwork and in fulfilling the legal requirements. They even help them with home evaluations. The only difference is in their process of finding the birth mothers.

4. Complete The Application Along With The Home Study

After getting an idea, on the workings of the agency and the number of available children, it is time to submit the application. The agency will consider you as a potential client after they review your application. On acceptance, you will have to pay a registration fee.

Now comes the most difficult process,  ‘home study’ or ‘family assessment.’ It is a process that is required by state law. There are many families that do not treat adoptive children well. Hence, the agencies send members to evaluate the environment of the home the children will be going to.

It is as simple as conducting a background check.

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5. Complete Legal Procedures

The legalities suggest that the adopted child lives with the family for a minimum of

6 months, to see whether they are compatible or not- before the adoption is legally finalized. Although, the time period varies from state to state.

You have to be prepared for surprise visits from the social workers during the child’s stay. Make sure that the child is well-cared for because this will be on the final legal statement.

You will also have to fulfill the U.S. Immigration & Naturalization Service’s requirements, & then proceed on with naturalizing your child as a US citizen, for international adoptions.

6. Prepare Yourself For The Waiting

Adopting a child takes a lot of patience. However, the waiting period depends on several factors :

  • The age of the prospective parents.
  • The family structure.
  • State legal requirements, etc.

In the case of international adoptions, the waiting period can be up to two years. While the waiting period for domestic adoption usually ranges from 3 months- 3years.

7. Prepare Your Home To Welcome The Little One

Make sure that the child you are bringing home feels welcomed, in your home. You will have to make the necessary changes and additions to your home for the little one’s arrival.


With that being said, I want to wish you all the love and luck, if you are those prospective parents stepping into this new phase of life.

In case you’ve got some other points to add, be a guest in our comments section.

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