Rolls Royce: 100+ Years of Motoring Perfection

Hmm…. Rolls Royce. When we hear ‘luxury cars’, it’s quite likely that the first words that to come to mind are ‘Rolls-Royce’.

The brand has become the market leader in the production of luxurious motors which, by and large, are experienced by only the extremely affluent.

Their six-figure price tags may seem exorbitant, but one look inside a Rolls-Royce will explain why they come at a cost far greater than the average family sedan.

In fact, you don’t even need to open the door of a Rolls-Royce to discover why it is no ordinary car. They are identifiable by their iconic radiator grille and Spirit of Ecstasy badge on the front of the car, and the craftsmanship that is invested in these features alone is staggering.

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The grille is made so intricately that no measuring instruments are used. That’s right, it’s all naked eye analysis, and yet it is finished to such a high standard that you’d think minute measurements had been taken.

Also, no matter how alike each grille may seem, each one is subtly different, whether in terms of height, gaps or angles.

They are incredibly comfortable to drive and even more comfortable in which to be a passenger. The back seats of a Rolls-Royce come with built-in drinks tables and pinch-screen TV monitors (the company shunned touch-screen as this would leave fingerprint marks), while the seats are vented and can provide either hot or cold air.

For those who can’t help going online all the time, each car also has its own Wi-Fi hotspot. Not bad, eh?

This video from L.A. Stretch Limos explores the history of Rolls-Royce from its foundation in 1904 to the present day. If you’d like to find out more about this classic car brand, this blog post is rife with interesting information.