Remote Selling In a Pandemic World


The coronavirus pandemic has changed the lives of millions. The world has never thought that this kind of situation or condition will ever arise.

We all were facing various kinds of problems and were unaware of the solutions. This was the first pandemic that forced the world to stop and sit inside their home. 

More than half of the countries worldwide have declared complete lockdown during the pandemic and this lockdown has disturbed the financial, social condition of the people a lot.

We have to say that the internet was and is a lifesaver product businesses online-based coronavirus in those dark days because of various reasons.

The Internet and digitization have played an extremely important role in connecting every individual having access to it. 

Various industries and companies have adopted the new way of communicating and connecting with their employees who were working remotely due to lockdown in the times of the corona pandemic.

Some of them were very effective and are used even today when the condition is becoming normal, we will discuss some of them in this post. 

Most of the challenges faced during the pandemic were minimized with the help of technology.

The value and the importance of digitalization were known and accepted by people all around the world and that’s the power of technology.

The major issue that would arise due to lockdown in the pandemic was already resolved by the technology and the internet.

And that major issue was the problem of connectivity. Instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Signal, WeChat, Telegram were already there providing useful features such as voice calls or video calls in addition to instant messaging. 

But this was not the only problem solved by the combination of the internet and technologies, various others were solved while some were still hampered.

People and professionals in the field of sales and marketing were facing a lot of problems as they were facing a new challenge and that was selling products or services without actually meeting with the buyer or the person who is or was interested in buying that product or services.

Understanding and accepting the condition various sales and marketing professionals have adopted a new culture of selling products or services to the person or individuals interested in buying them with the help of Digitalization. 

Social media marketing or digital marketing has changed the meaning of selling in the pandemic world.

Connecting with your prospect with the help of social media is becoming a new trend where you can easily interact with them with the help of instant messaging and voice or video calling. Various tools and software have played a vital role in connecting people all over the world.

For example, let’s that Zoom. Zoom is a popular cloud-based video or voice calling communication app by which we can easily set up virtual conferencing, webinars, screen-sharing, and various other things.

You don’t even require a Zoom account to attend any seminar, conference, live chat, or screen sharing.

Zoom is widely used by various digital and social media marketers to connect with their prospects globally.

Zoom along with various other voice or video conferencing and communication apps such as Google Meet, Cisco Webex, Hangouts have helped digital marketers to generate more leads and accelerate their sales. 

Calendly is also one of the most popular and useful web apps used during the pandemic. Calendly is widely used for scheduling appointments, events, and meetings within or outside the organization or company. Calendly helps in scheduling your meetings without the back and forth emails. 

Calendly is also widely used because of its integration with Google, Outlook, Office 365, and iCloud calendar with various user controls.

Sales enablement and accelerating tools were also widely used during the pandemic by most social media marketers for generating more leads for their businesses or companies.

Alfred is also one of the most popular, easiest, and advanced, all-in-one sales enablement software for LinkedIn, Email, and Twitter which is simple to use, time-saving, reliable, and safe.

With the help of Alfred, various social media and LinkedIn marketers have engaged thousands of prospects and generated more business opportunities.

Alfred has various useful features such as powerful campaign manager, advanced LinkedIn CRM, Team management, integrations, In-Depth Analytics and Dashboard, Email, campaign sequences, etc. 

With the help of various features provided by Alfred, it becomes very easy to go from prospect to customer in 3 easy steps.

First is fastly finding your ideal target audience with the help of Build-in LinkedIn search, integration, and other tools, second is creating multiple campaign sequences, and third is optimization to drive stronger results. 

The definition of remote selling in the pandemic world has been changed by these applications.

Many other software and applications have played an important role in remotely selling the dark time of the pandemics. Listing all of them here is not possible but that does not mean that they are less important anyway. 

The whole world was disturbed and stopped because of the coronavirus impact but services and online-based businesses were gradually coming back to their original agenda of providing products and services to the people.

Sales and marketing leaders were already aware of the situation of the lockdown in the initial phase of the pandemic and were trying their best to update their value, skills relevant to the selling of the products and services along with generating more leads. 

Collaborating and connecting with different people and converting your prospects into leads when you can not meet them personally is an art and is mastered by various sales and marketing professionals in the world with the help of some tools and software mentioned in this post.

Remote selling at the time of the pandemic was a major challenge for all the sales professionals.

They were trying to uplift their performance and stand out from the crowd in which sales enablement tools like Alfred helped them a lot.