10 Relaxing Home Decor Ideas to Create a Serene Sanctuary

Relaxing home ideas for serene environment

Your home is supposed to be your safe space, a place to go after a long stressful day to relax and spend time with your loved ones.

But in order to do so, you will need to ensure that you have the right decorations that will make your home feel that way.

If you don’t pay attention to what type of decor you are putting in your home, you can accidentally create a space that is too loud, making people feel sad or anxious.

So, if you are looking to decorate your home so it feels serene, calm, and relaxing, here are the best ideas.

Start with a Neutral Palette

The bigger role in your home decor vibe actually plays the color theme that you end up going with.

The best color scheme you can go with when you are looking for creating a serene sanctuary is muted and neutral tones.

That is mostly because they are the lightest on your eye and they will promote a comforting and relaxing feeling. But the problem with this and the reason why people choose not to go with it is that they don’t know how to make it not voting.

When you are choosing a neutral theme make sure that you are using the opportunity to have fun with textures. That will bring the whole room to a new level and have it not look plain and sterile.

relaxing home ideas

Incorporate Some Candles

One of the best things that you can add when you are decorating a serene space is candles.

The soft glow from the candle will add a sense of calmness into your space and make everything feel cozier.

It is one of the best ways you can create a warm relaxing feel in your home. Just make sure that you are not overdoing it as it can quickly turn into a fire hazard and make your home look like a witch’s lair.

Display Your Family Photos

If you want to make your home feel homier, you can hang or display your favorite family photos. When you surround yourself with pleasant and happy memories you will make your space instantly warmer and calmer.

Soften Everything Up with Textiles

When you are thinking of a relaxing sanctuary you are probably imagining a palace that is filled with cozy and soft things.

That is why you should make sure that your home is filled with things such as cable knits, fluffy pillows as well as cozy carpets.

Just make sure that you are overdoing it because the line between cozy and chaotic is very fine.

Don’t Forget Your Bathroom

The biggest part of creating your sanctuary needs to be your bathroom. Having a spa-like bathroom will change everything.​​

The first thing that you should do is choose your tiles. They will make or break the whole concept. One of the best options you can get when you are decorating a spa-like bathroom where you will relax is porcelain tiles.

That is because they will give you a clean yet relaxing look. Make sure that you are spicing the bathroom up with things such as fluffy towels, bathmats, and fun robes.

You can take it a step further and add diffusers or Himalayan salt lamps.

Create a Comfort Zone

Every home needs to have a zone where all you will do is relax. Make sure that you are designing the room and filling it with things that are targeted towards relaxing activities.

It can be anything from reading, gaming, or whatever your hobby might be. Add decor pieces that will go with the theme of your hobby to make the most out of the room.

Keep in mind that it doesn’t necessarily have to be a whole room, it can be a dedicated corner.

Bring the Outdoors In

You simply can’t have a serene sanctuary without having a bunch of plants. It will not only make the whole house feel calmer, but it will also make your air fresh and healthy.

The most important thing is that you pick appropriate plants for the conditions that you have in your house.

outdoor elements for home relaxation

Another thing that you have to think about when you are picking your plants is whether you are blessed with a green thumb or not so much.

There is nothing that will make your house look sad and filled with negative energy than having a bunch of dead plants.

Don’t Forget About Your Fireplace

A lot of people don’t pay much attention to their fireplaces, and they think that they can only radiate a comforting atmosphere when they are lit.

But that is not true. Adding a bunch of decorations and little accents will tie the whole space in and create a very cozy and relaxing atmosphere.


Just like decorating anything else, make sure that you aren’t overcrowding the space as it will look cluttered and you will get the opposite effect.

Let In Strokes of Natural Light

There is nothing that will make your home into a serene country other than designing your decor to let in strokes of natural light.

It is nothing new that natural light will boost your productivity, your mood as well as create a calming atmosphere in your home.

But when you take the extra step and you use your decor pieces to have the light bounce off in amazing strokes, you will create the perfect space.

Incorporate Fairy Lights

For the ultimate serene home, you will want to incorporate the famous fairy lights. Adding twinkling lights will bring peace and warmth to any room you put them in.

One of the best ways you can hang them is over your window to frame it.

When you are creating a serene sanctuary, you have to listen to your heart and make sure that you are creating a space to your likings as you are the one to relax in it.

As we have mentioned above, the line between creating a cozy relaxing space and a cluttered mess is very thin, so you need to ensure that you are adding just the right amount of decor.

Bring Water into Your Abode

The sound of water is one of the most palliating things to listen to from time to time. And that is why we miss the beach very soon.

One way to bring the sea to your living room is by installing a water fountain.

There are many new designs and shapes nowadays which won’t need a lot of space and also are safe.

One other wonderful idea is adding an aquarium to your interior décor. Watching the fish swim playfully every day gives you a sense of vibrancy and livelihood.

Just be careful to have enough information about what the fish need to survive, in terms of temperature and food.

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