(Latest) The Peace Corps of Nigeria – Ranks And Uniform

Oasdom Peace corps of Nigeria ranks and uniform
Oasdom Peace corps of Nigeria ranks and uniform

Hmm. Peace Corps of Nigeria! Did I just hear you ask if there is anything as such? Does it even exist?

Just as there are ranks in the military, ranks in the Nigerian Police, Civil defense, Navy or even the air force ranks, so also is the Peace Corps.

However, before I talk about these Peace Corps rankings, what is the Peace Corps program itself?

What is the Peace Corps Program?

Peace Corps started as a volunteer program in the United States on the 1st of March 1961 under the leadership of President John F Kennedy.

His major aim was to provide technical assistance and promote world peace. This; the volunteers do by helping underdeveloped countries meet their needs.

The United States Peace Corps headquarter is located at Washington DC. The pioneer volunteers were American citizens with college degrees.

These volunteers were made to pass through 3 month’s thorough training after which they are posted to their primary place of assignment.

They are to serve for a period of 2 years after which they can request for extension of service if they so desire.

What amazes me is their sacrificial spirit as they must simplify their lifestyle according to their place of assignment.

Seeing they say is believing, when other countries saw the enormous achievements and impact of United States Peace Corps, they were moved to start Peace Corps in their country also as a volunteer program.

Doctor Dickson National patron of Peace corps of Nigeria
Doctor Dickson – National Patron of Nigeria Peace Corps

Thanks to Dr. Dickson Akoh who took the bold step of forming Peace Corps in Nigeria. Record shows that there are more than 113,000 permanent officers and 78,247 volunteers across the 36 States.

Volunteers of Peace Corps Opportunities

Nigerian youths between the ages of 18 and 35 years irrespective of their background take up this volunteer job.

These youths are required to go through proper training and orientation after which they are posted to work with governments, schools, non profit organizations, entrepreneurs just to mention a few.

Peace corps volunteers resolve conflicts and serve as peace ambassadors. Their duties also include:

  • Being committed to the art of Patriotism, Volunteerism and Nation Building.
  • Performing Community Services such as Immunization, Census and Sanitation Exercises, especially in urban cities, States and Local Government Capitals.
  • Providing security for all Educational Institutions and checking all forms of examination malpractices and other vices prevalent in Schools and Colleges in order to create a conducive atmosphere for learning.
  • Controlling crowd during public events and in neighborhood watch in order to curb insecurity within the community and many more.
  • Serving as resource persons during programs and events

The Nigerian Peace Corps

Nigeria Peace Corps got formally registered in 1998 as a non governmental organization by the seasoned sociologist and the doctor of philosophy, Dr. Dickson Akoh.

His major aim was to empower youths so they can achieve their goals. He finances the organization through donations from local and international donor agencies, grants, development fee from members, Gifts and so on.

The Nigerian peace corps logo consist of a torch, red flame a wreath and an open book all of which signifies unity, discipline and academic excellence.

Peace corps of Nigeria logo

Meanwhile, the motto of the Peace Corps of Nigeria is Discipline and Patriotic Services.

Although the Peace Corps bill has scaled through first and second readings in the two chambers of the National Assembly and the senate House of Representatives, it has not been signed by the president.

This unique body still pray and await the president’s approval. However the good news is that the Nigeria Peace Corps is recognized on the international platform.

Peace Corps of Nigeria Uniform

The Peace Corps of Nigeria uniform is of the color military brown.

The blue cap has got the Peace Corps logo on it, a logo that has got an insignia of an open book with a flaming torch surrounded by two olive leaves, in the form of a wreath; in a background colour of green, yellow and red.

Although completely different from that of the United State of America, the Nigerian peace corps uniform, logo, and colour have got the following meaning:

  • Open book: formal superiority.
  • Wreath: academic excellence.
  • Red flame: Severe training with no laxity.
  • Torch: National oneness.

How to Join the Peace Corps 

Joining the Nigeria Peace Corps requires obtaining a form. However, the type of form to be obtained depends on the category of interest.

If you are interested in joining the category of permanent staff officers, you have to be at alert as to when the recruitment form will be released.

Once you’ve grabbed and submitted the form, successful applicants are there after contacted for proper training and orientation.

A minimum of SSCE is required for this category and Permanent staff officers receive the Peace Corps monthly stipend. Also, Peace Corps of Nigeria Ranks exist only in this category.

Interested persons willing to join the Peace Corps Volunteers category are also required to obtain a form from the National headquarters in Abuja or any of the state commands.

This category of volunteers is also trained but they do not receive any monthly stipend except for honorarium and they receive identity card and kits. Professionals from different fields can also apply for this category.

Students who are interested can also apply for the voluntary student membership category by obtaining and completing the student’s membership form which will be subjected to intense scrutiny.

Peace Corps of Nigeria Ranks

Below are the ranks of permanent officers ranks in the Nigeria Peace Corps:

  1. Commandant General: This is the highest and the head of Peace Corps of Nigeria Ranks
  2. Deputy Commandant General: This is the second in command in the Peace Corps of Nigeria Ranks He reports and serves as subordinateto the Commandant General. He deals with all important issues during the absence of the Commandant General.
  3. Assistant Commandant General: He is the third highest in the Peace Corps of Nigeria Ranks. He is senior to all other commandants and he reports to the deputy commandant general.
  4. Commandant: Next in Peace Corps rank is the commandant who accounts and reports to the assistant Commandant General.
  5. Deputy Commandant: This officer assists the commandant and takes control when the Commandant is not available. He also supervises the assistant commandant
  6. Assistant Commandant: In absence of both the commandant and his deputy, the assistant Commandant stands in.
  7. Chief Superintendent: This is the 7th highest in command in the Peace Corps of Nigeria Ranks. He supervises and takes charge of lower ranking officers.
  8. Superintendent: He assists the chief superintendent.
  9. Deputy Superintendent: He reports to the Superintendent.the deputy superintendent has 2 assistant superintendents and they are:
  10. Assistant Superintendent 1
  11. Assistant Superintendent 2

Below the assistant superintendent 2 are three Corper assistants.

  1. Corper assistant 1
  2. Corper assistant 2 who is senior to
  3. Corper assistant 3 and

The lowest in the Peace Corps of Nigeria Ranks is

  1. The Private Corper.

Peace Corps Salary Structure

Unlike the Peace Corps volunteers, the permanent staff officers smile home with some stipend at the end of each month.

Would you like to know their salary range? Why not read the Peace corps salary structure and get all the information you need.

Nigeria Peace Corps Anthem

We are one of Peace Men
Patriotic and Peacemakers
In Nigeria our Nation and our Motherland
We are Leaders strong and youthful
We are pillars of social change and growth
We are family, we are one

Peace Corps of Nigeria
Is a symbol of Nation-building;
Educating and training our youths to be leaders,
For the future that we hope for;
We will serve and anchor Peace and Unity.
We are family, we are one (twice)

The Peace Corps of Nigeria Program (Summary)

Ranking in any organization is important as it increases productivity, accountability and it also helps in identifying key players in the organization.

This explains why there is ranking in the Peace Corps of Nigeria. As an organization that helps to maintain state of tranquility, it should not be left out.

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