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Shunning Misconceptions About Atlanta Commercial Cleaning Services

It has often happened that a business owner chooses commercial cleaning services in Atlanta. Still, some individuals reach out to the management and say it will be worthless to hire a professional company.

The management is forced to think about it because one of the reasons that these individuals give is that hiring is a waste of money and time.

Company owners believe in these things, but later, the individuals who spread all the misconceptions were only misguiding the management.

Misconceptions Concerning Commercial Cleaning Services in Atlanta

The waste of time and money mentioned in the above paragraph is only two misunderstandings, but there are many more that need to be discussed and shunned; so that the businesses can benefit from the commercial cleaning.

Deep Cleaning is Unnecessary

When you look at the details of deep cleaning, you might think, what is the use of introducing it when regular cleaning can do the job just fine? Some commercial cleaning companies have diversified services to provide. These include washing window treatments, couches, carpets, organizing wires and cables, sanitizing and disinfecting everything, and thoroughly cleaning the ceilings and walls.

Selected Number of Clients Served

A common misconception is that commercial cleaning involves only office cleaning, serving only selected clients who have office space. Today commercial janitorial services clean offices and several other commercial spaces.

Delivering Standard Cleaning Services to Everyone

It is half true that all commercial cleaners follow a standard cleaning procedure but not necessarily for every commercial space and business. The cleaning companies have to look into the type of material a business is dealing in and the size of the building, then decide which level of cleaning is required.

Don’t Understand Difference between Various Terminologies

Cleaning is the removal of dirt from everything with water and soap. Sanitization with various products only kills bacteria, so to eliminate viruses, disinfecting is done. All staff and employees of commercial cleaning companies will know these differences and other terms.

Hiring Commercial Cleaning in Atlanta Wasted Company Time

It might happen to businesses that the cleaners came at the office timing and the management had to give the rest of the day off to the employees; so that the cleaners could do their job. This wasted the company’s time and productivity. But you can choose the timing of your choice when hiring cleaners like Jan Pro Atlanta.

Extremely Expensive to Hire

Compared with domestic cleaning services, the commercial ones will seem extremely expensive. Still, when you look into the factors that the cleaners have to consider, then you will understand the cost demanded.

The cleaning companies consider the area of the commercial space, tools and products to be used, how much labor has to be hired, and the time of conducting the cleaning task.

Not Providing the Services as Agreed

It is not always the case as there might be a communication gap between the management and the cleaning staff. All clients of these commercial cleaning companies have always received the agreed services. It is evident in their comments and reviews.

Always Use Unsafe Cleaning Products

It might have been happening in the past that people didn’t know about the dangers of chemical cleaning products. But today, awareness has spread, and safer cleaning products are being used.

Hire Services When Building Only Looks Clean

This misconception has to be shunned because it means that the management should not make the effort to clean the commercial space. Let it be uncleaned and when dirt becomes visible, then hire cleaners. This negatively will affect the health of employees.

Industrial Cleaning is similar to Commercial

Commercial and industrial cleaning both involve specialized knowledge and experience. Different industries have to deal with diversified material types. The commercial cleaning services in Atlanta have to look into these raw materials and decide which level and intensity of cleaning has to be done.

These are the misconceptions that businesses have to shun before hiring commercial cleaners; so that the right decision is made.

Below are a few questions that will explain more concepts of commercial cleaning.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between commercial and residential cleaning?

Residential cleaning involves mansions, cottages, condos, apartments, multiple and single-family houses, farmhouses, and ranches. But commercial cleaning services in Atlanta have to handle larger areas than houses like banks, restaurants, hotels, stadiums, healthcare facilities, religious centers, and many others.

What are 7 things you should ask before you hire a commercial cleaning company?

The seven most important things that clients should know about commercial cleaners are;

  1.       Years of experience
  2.       Honesty and sincerity of the company
  3.       The physical office is present
  4.       Affordable
  5.       Flexible working hours
  6.       The company is licensed and insured
  7.       Clearly defined terms and conditions

Why does every business need a professional commercial cleaning service?

Keeping the commercial property clean is important; it will keep everyone healthy to increase productivity, but the customers and clients of that company will be attracted and know that the management will consider everyone’s safety.

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