Metatrader 4: 5 Important Things to Keep In Mind

Meta Trader 4

Are you a forex trader who has recently decided that Metatrader 4 (MT4) is the trading platform for you? If so, keep an eye on some essential things about the platform.

Whether it’s your first time using a trading platform, or if you’re simply looking for some useful tips, here we’ve compiled a robust guide designed to improve your experience while trading with MT4. 

Let’s prove how this powerful platform can serve as an invaluable tool when entering the world of Forex.

  • One-Click Trading

For traders whose strategy involves quickly and efficiently placing trades, one-click trading is available to reduce the time it takes to place a trade. This feature eliminates the two-step process for trading on MT4. 

Normally, you would need to open a trade order window and select an appropriate order type with its parameters before clicking either Buy, Sell, Place, Modify, or Close buttons to submit your order. Using the One Click Trading feature, however, you can bypass this two-step process and simply click on a single button to execute your order. 

This means that instead of taking several seconds for your trade order to be submitted, it will now only take one second.

  • MT4 Short Cut Keys

The MT4 platform provides a variety of useful shortcut keys to make navigating faster and more efficient. With the left or right arrow, you can scroll quickly through charts while F1 – F9 opens helpful windows like ‘’User Guide’’, ‘’History Centre’’, chart setup window, and ‘’New Order’’ respectively.

  • Profile saving

With profiles, you can save the exact layout of all chart windows and settings. This way, if any changes are made in one window they will be saved across them all – unlike templates that apply to a single chart only. So now it’s simpler than ever to work with groups of charts on your MT4 platform quickly and efficiently.

  • Printing a trading statement

Have you ever wanted to access your past trades or print out a statement for tax purposes? It’s easy! Just go to the ‘’Account History’’ tab within the Terminal, select your desired period, and right-click anywhere in Account History. A drop-down menu will appear so that you can easily get a full trade history of whatever time frame is required – then hit ‘’print’’ and send it off to be filed with an accountant.

  • The Expert Advisors

The Metatrader 4 platform offers a unique advantage in the form of Expert Advisors, allowing traders to automate their trading strategies. With hundreds of ready-made Experts available and the ability to create your own, MT4 provides an unmatched level of flexibility for all types of investors – from beginners looking for guidance to experienced professionals seeking advanced solutions. 


MetaTrader 4 is a powerful tool that can help you succeed in the world of online trading. However, there are a few important things to keep in mind when using this platform. By following the points we have told above, you can make your trading career easier and more profitable. 



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