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The Map of Nigeria With States And The FCT

A flag or a symbol is used to represent Nigeria; it is the shape of the map of Nigeria with states. There is no doubt that when you see that shape or symbol of the map of Nigeria, you just say ‘proudly Nigerian’…the shape oozes Nigeria.

the nigerian map image with states

The journey was a tour around Africa and he was in Nigeria, he brought out a paper on which he had used his pen to trace the lines and patterns, the guide had drawn on the sand using the stick…he was so sure he could not lost his like that and join the list of those still missing still date, yay!

Little did he know it qualified for a map even though it was not as beautiful as the map of Nigeria with its states that is flaunted everywhere today.

We have heard of migration of people but have you ever wondered how they journeyed back and forth the place they found while migrating?

Well…you see it started with cave paintings and the dots on those walls became lines on paper and then colors were used to represent some parts, the map of Nigeria with all states was not heard of then, maybe it was…I don’t know.

I am not old…neither did Nigeria history summary mention the Nigeria map Africa as part of the ancient maps of Babylon, Asia, and Greece.

Before the map of Nigeria was drawn, the first maps of old were said to be map of stars, the walls of the Lascaux caves did not have the dots to be joined into lines that will become drawings of the map of Nigeria in the 14500 BC.

Thanks to cosmographers, those who draw maps, and thanks to the French that loaned English, the word cartography. Cartography refers to the expertise of making maps.

But don’t go yet, let us talk more about the map of Nigeria and all states in the country.

Map of Nigeria Showing The 36 States And FCT

The earliest settlers, may their souls rest in peace, did not have the knowledge of the map of Nigeria with states…it is actually possible they did but like I said I am not ancient.

The map of Nigeria is a part of the map of Africa that was zoomed in. Now, the cosmographer… (Remember cosmographer? If you don’t, how about we take a trip back to the start of the article and restart the journey).

The map of Nigeria entails 36 states and capital with each state partitioned from the other with zigzag or crooked lines on the Nigerian map

the map of Nigeria with states

Try locating your state on the Nigerian map with states

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Nigeria Map Image With States And Cities

Light at the center of the stage…drum roll…I present to you the map of Nigeria with states and cities….

Here on the map of Nigeria with states and cities, you will find the 36 states and capital including cities within, although not all. Be rest assured that you cannot tell which is the largest state from this map of Nigeria.

The smallest state in Nigeria is also represented on this same map of Nigeria and all 36 states and cities but you cannot still tell its size from the map.

What am I saying? The map of Nigeria tries its best to give you direction, that’s all. But no dull am, even with this map, you fit lost for some areas…try Lagos, Nigeria city.

Nigeria Map Image With States And Cities

Just keep trying to locate your city and other familiar cities on the Nigerian map with cities.

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Map of Nigeria With States (Summary)

The last census in Nigeria, same as the Nigeria population census, reported over 180 million inhabitants in Nigeria 2018, and it has been said this figure is small compared to what is to come as the population growth of Nigeria is increasing at a rapid rate.

The map of Nigeria with states might accommodate more states but before that happens, the unoccupied places in Nigeria will have to be occupied including those places some people are calling bushes.

I drop my pen here…you don see your state for the Nigerian map? Abeg who draw this map of Nigeria? Let’s have your comment in the comment box below.

Aurora Maikudi
Aurora is a contributing writer at Oasdom.com. With a deep interest in researching and finding solutions, Aurora hopes to share her work with all oasdom fans and visitors.

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