(Full Proof Guide) How to Make Money On Fiverr – In Nigeria

Oasdom.com How to make money on fiverr
Oasdom.com How to make money on fiverr

If you have always wanted to know how to make money on fiverr in Nigeria, this is the right guide in your hands.

This guide has been put together to help you learn how to make money with fiverr providing services to individuals or companies.

Why Make Money On Fiverr?

Fiverr is a global online marketplace founded by Shai Wininger and Micha Kaufman from Israel in 2009, offering tasks and services, beginning at a cost of $5 per job performed, from which it gets its name.

The site is primarily used by freelancers who use Fiverr to offer services to customers worldwide. Currently, Fiverr lists more than three million services on the site that range between $5 and $500

Fiverr is unique because it has got place for everyone. It is a website where you can sell anything and where everything is purchased. It is benefiting to everyone from small entrepreneurs to large companies. 

It is a unique place to monetize your talent. From seller to buyer everyone is happy and lives like a family.

If you want to make money online, providing a service from your skills set is one sure place to start. Yes, freelancing is one of the tested quick ways to make money

How to Make Money On Fiverr In Nigeria

oasdom.com - how to make money on fiverr

It all starts with registering.

In one of my posts “How to make money online – the 3 proven ways”, I talked about fiverr as one of the platforms to freelance a little bit. I’ve got to re-explain more here.

It’s all simple; all you need to do is register an account through your facebook, Linkedin or Google account.

oasdom.com - how to make money on fiverr- fiverr registration

The next thing to do is to update your profile

Updating your profile is about personalizing your account filling some forms, and adding your profile picture. Just follow the prompt instructions given.

If you have successfully updated your profile, then you’re ready to start the process of earning from doing what you know how to do.

You need to create a gig.

How to Create a Gig On Fiverr

No gig no money, period.

Your Gig is the service that you sell on Fiverr. Creating your Gig is an opportunity to show off your skills and provide buyers with all necessary information that will convince them to do business with you.

For example, I am into whiteboard video animations, I design websites, I write articles, and I do audio editing. Whiteboard animation is one gig, website design is another gig, writing article is also a separate gig and so is it for audio editing.

My first GIG is about Whiteboard video animations.

So, to create your first gig depending on what you’re skilled at, go to the top right corner of your browser, where you have your profile. Click on the “selling” drop down and click “Create a Gig”. As shown in the picture below:

fiverr creating your gig

After Reading this quick guide, You’ll be confident that:

  1. You can Withdraw your funds to a safe account
  2. You can Use your funds for other online transactions
  3. You can Withdraw your funds here in Nigeria in any Mastercard enabled Atm

Let’s continue….

Now you’ll be on the page to create your gig.

I have made this simple. You can choose from these 3 ways:

  1. You can follow the screenshot below to create your gig. (Preferable)
  2. You can check out my profile here >>> www.fiverr.com/okesteve as a template to follow. (Click on my animation gig to see what’s in there)
  3. You can watch this 12 minutes video I have found online as a visual guide to create your gig. (Most preferable)

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If you choose to go with the screenshots, I have you covered.


Creating your first gig is segmented into 5 phases as seen below:

  • Overview: Where you talk about what service you want to offer
  • Pricing: You set your basic, standard or premium price for your service
  • Requirements: You describe what you want your customers to provide you with so that you can deliver effectively
  • Gallery: Fiverr gives you the opportunity to showcase your previously completed project which will convince prospective customers to do business with you.
  • Publish: Here, you publish your gig for searchers to find you on fiverr.


oasdom.com - how to make money on fiverr


After pricing, next is the requirement feature where you state what you need to complete your project.

oasdom.com - how to make money on fiverr

Next is Gallery. For me, I uploaded screenshots of my work. You can also include videos.

oasdom.com - how to make money on fiverr in Nigeria

oasdom.com - how to make money on fiverr in Nigeria

The picture above is an example of pictures you’ll upload to your gallery so that prospective customers can have a feel of your work.

And finally, you can publish your gig after saving.

oasdom.com - how to make money on fiverr in Nigeria

You can now copy the link provided and promote on your social media for your friends and prospective clients to try your services.

If you’ve created your first gig, you can create many more.

If you wan’t to learn to create your gig through video, I have gave a link to a few minutes video online to put you through, if need be.

Once again, here’s the link to watch how to create your first gig

After successfully creating your gig, then you’re ready to start receiving orders and getting paid. Module 3 is next.

Receiving Orders & Making Sales

All that will make this step possible is to sell yourself and promote your Gig.

When buyers come to fiverr and search for services related to the gig you’ve created, your gig will come up among others and they can choose to do business with you.

So you start to receive orders, complete this order and get paid once your customers accept their orders.

But how do you increase your sales?

To increase your chances of getting people to do business with you, do the following:

  1. Add your profile picture: Adding a picture to your Fiverr profile is very important, as it shows your buyers that you are a legit seller that is ready for business.

Many people won’t purchase a gig or product from someone without a profile picture. It makes people suspicious. Make sure you choose nice picture, with an honest and open expression.

  1. Add a detailed description of your gig: Adding a detailed description of your gig is better than a short or concise description, because you are actually showing your willingness and dedication to providing a gig or services. 

Think about this illustration: Gig A had a better title than Gig B but when I looked at the description of Gig A…”Order my gig and I promise you full delivery. It is an SEO gig for more traffic”. 

But Gig B explained in detail how he plans on optimizing pages, social presence, doing more social bookmarking and stuff.

The seller with Gig A may have better offer, but his marketing was poor and the Seller with Gig B would make more sales. So start today and put effort in making the gig descriptive enough

Make your Gig very clear, informative, and even include FAQ’s.

  1. Add video: You can add video to your specific gig page to explain how your service works.
  2. Target Keywords in Description as well as Title: If your Gig is about Fixing WordPress Errors, target it at least three times in the description and one and half in the title.

For instance the title can be: I will inspect your WordPress Blog and Fix WORDPRESS ERRORS. You notice that WordPress was mentioned twice in the title and the targeted keyword WordPress errors are in capital letter.

  1. Get your first sale: Before you can earn more sales or orders from Fiverr buyers, do your best to get the highest rating for your gig immediately an order is completed. This can be accomplished by making sure your first sale earns you a 100 percent positive feedback. 

Buyers will not hesitate to order a gig from you if you’ve already received positive feedback. You can also get your friends and/or family to help out, to get your first gig sale, and ensure positive feedback. That’ll help you get started.

You can invest a little on google or Facebook adverts to promote your gig. That gives you higher chances of getting more people to do business with you.

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Withdrawing Your Funds Right Here In Nigeria

This is the rewarding part.

Fiverr Withdrawal Issues In Nigeria

I must say that many people get discouraged about working online because they work online and face payment issues.

For example, Paypal is a global payment but decided not to allow some countries into its payment system, of which Nigeria is one of them. But lately, Paypal allowed Nigerians into its system but with some limitations – You can only make payments but you can’t receive payments into your paypal account.

So, you may start to wonder; how will you receive your payment if you get paid on fiverr?

Why not Download our free fiverr pdf to find answers?


Download how to make money on fiverr pdf

You’ll find answers to:

How to receive your payments here in Nigeria (all you need do is skip to module 4)

  • Does Payoneer/fiverr card really work? Yes

oasdom.com - how to make money on fiverr in Nigeria pdf- fiverr card or payoneer card

  • Can I withdraw with my payoneer/fiverr card? Yes
oasdom.com - how to make money on fiverr in Nigeria pdf- fiver withdrawals
After withdrwals, before using the card for payment
  • Can I make payment/purchases online with my card? Yes
oasdom.com - how to make money on fiverr in Nigeria pdf- fiverr card payment
After making payment with the card – You’ll learn how i did it in my free fiverr pdf guide.

Summary – How to make money on fiverr in Nigeria

Among the 3 broad and proven ways to make money online:

  • Selling a product
  • Providing a service (freelancing)
  • Providing information

I used fiverr as a case study to talk about providing a service (freelancing). You can freelance on any freelance website. The choice is yours. It could be Odesk, Elance, Freelancer, People/hour etc. Just be certain you have a way of withdrawing.

Some people use western union tracking or moneygram as a means to receive money from other countries for the services they’ve rendered. But almost every freelance platform warns against sending and receiving payment outside their platforms.

oasdom.com - how to make money on fiverr in Nigeria pdf

Download the fiverr pdf guide to learn about receiving your funds.

A question might come to your mind right now…

Why did I let you know about all these?

It’s because I want to be honest with my visitors. In my opinion, the best way to gain trust from your blog visitors is to be 100% transparent and this is exactly what I’m currently doing. Aside from that, I’m also a pretty friendly folk.

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