How to Make the Best of a Dating App – 4 Practicable Tips

How to make the best of a dating app
How to make the best of a dating app

Remember the old days, when we were so embarrassed to admit that we had a profile on a dating website? Isn’t it great that those times are long gone?

As new, cutting-edge devices and tech trends have turned the way we search for that special someone, all those dating apps, swipes, geo location, and sexting have become the norm.

There are so many singles out there desperately looking for love that today we have to deal with the new problem: how to effectively present yourself and make your dating profile noticeable?


These simple tricks, inspired by pieces of advice from the team behind the best Eastern European brides dating site, might help you get yourself a date.

Watch What Photos You Post

When it comes to online dating, you need to do your best to make a good first impression, and such thing as your profile pic can be a game-changer.

So before you start adding new details to your profile, make sure that you’ve picked the photos that best describe you as a person.

Ideally, you need two nice pictures: a close-up one that shows your face and the one where your whole body can be seen.

Of course, your potential date should be able to see all your features, so no photos in huge sunglasses, wearing bandanas over your nose, and so on.

If you used to wear a beard, but now you don’t, there should be no beard in the photo, as well. Oh, and posting a 10-year-old pic is a bad idea.

Now that you showed off your handsome mug, it’s time to poke around your archives some more and find a few photos of you doing something you love or playing with your friend’s dog.

If you’re a travel addict, perfect: post a couple of your best shots near some world-famous landmark.

And the last but not least, you need a photo or two of you having a good time with your buddies, but there’s one thing you must take into account: your potential date should be able to tell which guy on the pic is you. Take only high-quality shots with three or four people tops.

Write a Decent Bio

You’ve already done a great job picking the photos that describe your best qualities, but they aren’t worth much without a proper bio.

As much as we’d love to, we can’t blow a super-secret of writing an ideal bio because it doesn’t exist. But we still can tell you what mistakes to avoid.

There are three main no-no’s: boasting, banal openers, and bad jokes. Besides, no one likes reading stuff they don’t need to know, so make your bio brief but informative.

Among other things, try to build the narrative upon the rule of “show, but don’t tell.” What’s that?

Well, this basically means that you should get rid of all the adjectives people typically use to describe themselves and replace them with a short story about what activities you like, what countries you have been to, that kind of thing.

This way you let your potential companions decide what kind of person you are themselves.

Don’t Overdo it with Search Filters

Alright, now your profile is ready, and you can finally start looking for the love of your life. Here’s our third bit of advice: to find that special someone, you need to go beyond the boundaries of your expectations.

You probably already have an idea of a person you want to meet but bear in mind that the choosier you get, the smaller your chances of success.

So if you tried to find a person who would meet your demands and failed, go on and expand the search area. Would you actually care if your future girlfriend doesn’t like Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Don’t Go Silent

If you spend too much time exploring the wonderful and unpredictable world of online dating, you might eventually get sick of your dating app.

But you shouldn’t abandon your profile. Keep it updated, search for new matches, and chat with people. This doesn’t take too long to swipe a few times and text a couple of messages.

Why do that? The thing is that pretty much all modern dating apps have algorithms that monitor all your activities.

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They use them to learn more about your preferences to find the best possible matches for you. In other words, if you stop logging in from time to time, the app will simply stop looking for profiles you might be interested in.

Bottom line, try to keep your profile active and updated to boost your chances of meeting a person who may change your life forever.

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