Local Link Building Strategies Your Business Needs

oasdom link building strategies for business
oasdom link building strategies for business

Is your business suffering because you are not receiving enough traffic inside your store?

It could be that no one is visiting your store because you are not receiving enough traffic on your website.

According to research performed by Google, 50% of customers who searched for a specific business on their smartphone visited that store within a day.

This means that where you rank on a Google search directly affects your bottom line.

How Do You Rank Higher on Google?

This million-dollar question is complicated, but one of the ways a website receives a higher ranking is by having other sites offer links to your content from their own pages.

If good-quality websites link your business’ website from their websites, the higher you will appear in a Google ranking when customers search for a company like yours in your area.

In fact, link building is a very important component of SEO and content marketing.

How Do You Build Links From Your Website?

While there are some things you can do to get more traffic to your site, this is honestly one area of your business in which you might want to seek out professional advice.

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Not only will these SEO experts boost your local search engine ranking on Google, but they will also increase your presence on social media.

There are also some simple things that you can do on your own to increase your ranking number.

Start a Scholarship Program for Local High School Students.

Of course, providing a scholarship to a deserving student is an altruistic endeavor, but it also can benefit your business as well.

Create a page on your website where students can apply for the scholarship. Send this link out to everyone within the educational community.

Reach out to the local high schools and colleges. Send a press release to your local media with the link.

Discover how to link your scholarship on national websites that allow students to seek awards from their local communities.

Reach Out to Popular Bloggers Within your community.

If you are a restaurateur, find out who is writing about food in your community on social media.

Build a relationship with this person on social media. Share appropriate content they have created on your company’s website.

Comment on that blogger’s content. This blogger is trying to build his or her online presence as well and will appreciate your interactions.

Once the relationship is established, ask the blogger to include a link for your website on his or her page.

Sign up for Google Alerts

Sign up to receive an alert whenever your company’s name is used online.

Visit the pages where you are mentioned, and if the information is positive, ask the website creator to include a direct link from their website to yours.

Create Sharable Content

Perhaps your website is not worthy of sharing. If your content is blah and has no relevant, helpful information for your customers, hire a professional writer or graphic designer to create exciting, sharable content.

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Make a goal this year to move up in the Google rankings.