All List of European Countries And Capitals

1618 the full list of european countries and their capitals the full list of european countries and their capitals

If you’ve ever worked at a traveling agency, then you will understand the importance of this list of European countries to so many people who want to migrate or those that wish to go on vacation.

When you think of the finest on this planet, art museums that displays well preserved monuments, architecture works and even the natural beauty, European countries are of top notch. No wonder so many pay so much attention to the list of European countries.

European countries list - List of european countries


Europe is surrounded by water; the Arctic Ocean to the North, Atlantic Ocean to the West and the Mediterranean Sea to the South and it is blessed with Copper, Iron Ore, and Coal.

This continent covers only 2 percent of the earth surface but as small as this continent is, it’s next after Asia and Africa in terms of population.

Europe serves as home to many migrants all over the world. Of course all these migrants must have carefully checked the list of European countries in other to decide where exactly to reside or visit.

Everyone talks about civilization but did you know that Europe was the birth place of civilization. Yes, Civilization originated from Europe. That suggests why Europe is admired for it’s social, cultural and lifestyle values.

So How Many Countries are In Europe?

There are 56 Countries in Europe. However, only 50 are members of European Union and are recognized internationally. The remaining 6 has limited or no recognition.

Have you ever heard of European Union big four? If you have not, they are the major European Powers and they are UK, France, Italy and Germany.

The United Kingdom prominently contributes immensely to the world economy especially in terms of technology and industry.

Europe acts as a single force in world politics. All nations in the list of European countries usually cooperate and act together in the name of European Union trade, border control, and development and so on.

list of countries in Europe

So many students who wish to study in foreign lands also take countries in Europe very serious. This is because Europe is one of the educational super powers. Yes Europe is known for its global institutions. In fact, it exceeds US in educating foreign students.

Europe is a very wealthy region and it has a very large Economy. It ranks in the top ten of the world’s largest national economies in GDP.

List of European Countries and Capitals

The first list of European countries comprises of the 50 European countries that is recognized internationally and are members of European Union while the second list include 6 countries with limited or no recognition.

It is also good to know that these list of European countries speak more than 250 different languages.

Did you know that Luxembourg is the richest country in Europe and other countries in Europe?

50 Recognized European Countries

1. Albania (Tirana)
2. Andorra (Andorra la Vella)
3. Armenia (Yerevan)
4. Austria (Vienna)

  1. Azerbaijan (Baku)
  2. Belarus (Minsk)
  3. Belgium (Brussels)
  4. Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo)
  5. Bulgaria (Sofia

10. Croatia (Zagreb)
11. Cyprus (Nicosia)
12. Czech Republic (Prague)
13. Denmark (Copenhagen)
14. Estonia (Tallinn)
15. Finland (Helsinki)
16. France (Paris)
17. Germany (Berlin)
18. Greece (Athens)
19. Georgia(Tbilisi)
20. Hungary(Budapest)
21. Iceland (Reykjavik)
22. Ireland (Dublin)
23. Italy (Rome)
24. Kazakhstan (Astana)
25. Latvia (Riga)
26. Liechtenstein (Vaduz)
27. Lithuania (Vilnius)

28. Luxembourg (Luxembourg)
29. Macedonia (Skopje)
30. Malta (Valletta)
31. Moldova (Chisinau)
32. Monaco (Monaco)
33. Montenegro (Podgorica)
34. Netherlands (Amsterdam)
35. Norway (Oslo)
36. Poland (Warsaw)
37. Portugal (Lisbon)
38. Romania (Bucharest)
39. Russia (Moscow)
40. San Marino (San Marino)
41. Serbia (Belgrade)
42. Slovakia (Bratislava)
43. Slovenia (Ljubljana)
44. Spain (Madrid )
45. Sweden (Stockholm)
46. Switzerland (Bern)
47. Turkey (Ankara)
48. Ukraine (Kiev)
49. United Kingdom (London)
50. Vatican City (Vatican City)

The Six Other Countries with limited or no recognition:

  • Akhazia (Sukhumi)
  • Artsakh (Stepankert)
  • Kosovo (Pristine)
  • Northern Cyprus (North Nicosia)
  • South Ossetia ( Tskhinvali
  • Transnistria (Tiraspol)

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European Countries Map

Here’s the map of all European countries below:

European countries map - European Union

Countries In Asia

The largest Continent in the world which has 49 countries is blessed with many natural resources. This continent which is the most populous speaks more than 1500 languages. Read more about all Asian countries in this post.

African Countries

Africa is the oldest part of the earth that inhabits humans. It ranks as the second largest Continent and most populous continent. It is made up of 54 countries.

Although it is blessed with varieties of wild animals and natural resources it still remains Underdeveloped and the poorest in the world.

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List of European Countries (Summary)

That’s it for the list of European countries. Possibly you’ve heard of Disney land; it is the most famous theme park which is located in Paris. London is also nice and Europeans are hospitable to good visitors.

However if its Switzerland that pleases you in the list of countries in Europe, don’t ever try to  flush the toilet any time after 10 pm or even shower before 7am or after 10pm; it is considered an offence and its punishable.

Yes, those hours are regarded as a peaceful period hence there should be no noise. What if one is so pressed, well I think diapers will do. Lol

I’m sure you will agree with me that Europe is such a nice place to be. Interestingly, It’s so easy to travel through all the countries with a single passport stamp.

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