Leveraging Tracker Technology to Become a Strong Crypto Investor

Tracking tech for crypto investor

We all know that there are many coins out there. There are over 20.000 coins listed at CoinMarketCap, with a combined 1 trillion USD in market capitalization.

Almost half of that capitalization is allocated to Bitcoin, with Ethereum in a second spot with slightly less than 20%.

However, when it comes to the other coins, the story is different. Many coins rise and fall, with new business models, innovations, and use cases entering the stage. To be aware of the latest trends, a crypto tracker can be more than helpful.


Combine market data with the latest news

Having insight into market data is one thing, knowing what will happen is another. With a tracker, you can see all the real-time prices and combine them with news about the market and specific coins.

You can set up push notifications to receive an alert when something is happening to one of the coins you are holding (e.g., a large dip). This allows you to stay on-point without continuously checking your portfolio.

Integrate with wallets through Public Keys

One of the common sayings in crypto is “No keys, no cheese”. This refers to the importance of having access to your crypto through your wallet, instead of an exchange or broker.

When using a crypto tracker, you can view your holdings by adding your Public Key. This means that your holdings are safe and the tracker does not have additional permissions compared to any other Internet user that can view your wallet. 

Getting a foothold in the NFT space

Besides the 20.000 coins, there is a new trend emerging. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are individual artworks, often part of collections, and can be sold on specific blockchain networks.

The most popular implementation is on the Ethereum blockchain and includes millions of artworks. Since every asset is unique, tracking the value becomes hard. Luckily, an NFT tracker can come to the rescue.

NFT tracker technology to monitor the market

With a tracker, you can add individual artworks that can be tracked. Next to that, you can follow the NFT wallets of leading investors. This allows you to become a better investor yourself, as you will spot trends and market changes.

Such a tracker also enables you to browse the complete space, looking for new artworks that you can buy. Interested but not yet sure if you will buy it? Simply follow the artwork or collection to stay up-to-date about the pricing and popularity.

Leading tracker application

Want to learn more about a crypto tracker? You can visit the Delta crypto tracker website. Delta is one of the leading providers in the field of tracking technology and allows you to integrate with crypto exchanges and wallets, creating a holistic overview of your portfolio. Next to that, it is possible to add your NFT portfolio as well.



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