56 Latest Nigerian Children Hairstyles Pictures

Oasdom Latest Nigerian children hairstyles for schools and parties
Oasdom Latest Nigerian children hairstyles for schools and parties

More reasons why I will be discussing Nigerian children hairstyles is because the states of our children’s hair can sometimes explain how well the woman of the house does her job.

It is important to make the beautiful gifts God has given us happy, and one of the best ways to do that is by making them look good and more beautiful.

But how can children look good if proper attention is not given to their hair?


You don’t need to stress yourself before getting an idea on something stylish and trendy for your girl child as I will be taking you through series of beautiful hairstyles to style your baby girl.

Nigerian Children Hairstyles Pictures

So, let’s talk about Nigerian babies hairstyles.

Styling of hair is as important as other aspects of caring for our body. Talk about fashion styles in Nigeria, and you’ll agree with me that children hairstyles can’t be left out.

No matter how much you care for the body, you will still look unkempt or shabby if you neglect the hair.

Photos and Pictures of Nigerian children hairstyles

This emphasizes the importance, hair styling is not just for adults but also for children. Nigerian children hairstyles does not have to be complex to be beautiful.

Sometimes the style could be dependent on your choice or your child’s patience, but simple hairstyles can also bring out the elegance in your girl child.

This could be in form of well arranged corn rows, use of wool, thread or even simple braids with or without extensions as you can see in our list of trending Nigerian hairstyles.

Children sometimes don’t really care about their hairdo until when they see it on their friends especially when it is well beaded.

Even at that, some still don’t care. Just that most mothers put in all effort to make their baby’s hair more beautiful even when they are not cooperating.

Some men even take it personal with the stylist or the mother when they see a baby cry and cry during the process of making the hair, but come see them when the hair is done.

They fling their head here and there just to make a show off of their new hairdo.

Childrens Hairstyles for School In Nigeria

Weekly, most schools call hairstyles so students can strike balance and not adapt to public trends of hairstyle.

All thanks to this standard, at least our cultural heritage with respect to hair is conserved.

Some of these hairstyles include:

Koroba Hairstyle

Koroba is usually called a basket style in English as the hair is weaved downwards from the middle, giving the shape of a basket turned downwards.

Koroba traditional children hair styles for Nigerian schools

Koroba from time is a unique hairstyle and it brings to mind the age long tradition. This hair style clearly shows the scalp and it allows free access to air.

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Shuku Styles

This is another unique Nigerian children hairstyle as all the hair is weaved to the center of the head to form a pinnacle.

Shuku hairstyles for Nigerian kids

It is a significant hairstyle in Yoruba tradition and it can really look nice on children if well weaved.

The cornrows for some are straight while others which yorubas call “shuku elewo” are of a slant formation.

nigerian babies hairstyle shuku

All Back Baby Style

This is the simplest Nigerian children hairstyle as all the hair is weaved from the front to the back. The only but is that it emphasizes the forehead such that it becomes more noticeable.

Zig zag all back Hairstyle Ideas

So many school girls rush to make this hair during the free week when they are given the opportunity to make any hair style of their choice.


Because it is fast and easy to make. It can also be made as a zig zag.

Two Steps

This is another nice Nigerian children hairstyle as all the hair is weaved into two layers meaning one layer will be above the other.

two steps back to school hair do

All that needs to be done here is for the whole hair to be divided into two in the middle with each section weaved as all back or as shuku.

two steps children hair weaves

This can be preferable to all back because it elevate the hair rather than the all round smooth interface of the all back.


This Nigerian baby hairstyle which means clap your hands in English, is presented by vertically dividing the hair into two, with the two parts weaved to meet as per two hands coming together.

I’m sure the picture below describes it better.

Patewo children hair style
Image by Mercy TV

Two Patewos

This involves weaving two patewos side by side.

Double patewo school hairstyles for kids

All of the above Nigerian children hairstyles can be combined with a curve. That is, another set of weaving all directed to the front.

For instance patewo with curve or shuku with curve will look more like these below:

two patewo side by side

kids hair
Image by Ri

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Police Cap Hair Style

This Nigerian children hairstyle is weaved in such a way that it resembles the Nigerian police cap or better still a beret.

police cap hair style

All the hair is weaved to the front such that it all drops to one side.

Other Nigerian Children Hairstyles Include:

Rice and Beans

natural hair style for kids


Calabar hair weaving style for school children

Abeti Aja (dog ears) or Pony Tail

abetiaja pony tail styles for female children

Banana Leaf

banana leaf hair do

Salt and Pepper

I wonder why this teenage hairstyle is called salt and pepper, what did you think?

Salt and pepper children hairstyle


Concord style

Rice Beans and Dodo

Rice beans and dodo

And many more..

Some of the Nigerian children hairstyles listed above can also be made with wool or thread. They include:

Police Cap Made with Threads

This is the same with the corn rows police cap as it emulates the cap of a police except that it is made with thread.

Children police cap hairstyle in Nigeria


Nigerian children hairstyles - shuku

childrens hairstyles for school in nigeria

Nigerian Babies Hairstyle

Nigerian babies hair is what I can refer to as natural virgin hair. You can see loads of virgin hairstyles pictures for Nigerian ladies.

Caution should be taken when making babies hair as their scalp is still very soft and sensitive.

To avoid pulling and cutting of these delicate hairs, tight or thin hair styles, heavy beads and extensions should be avoided as much as possible.

Some nice hair styles for babies include:

Angle Packing

This is when the hair is neatly packed in different angles with bonds and sometimes with a small curve in front.

Nigerian babies hair - angle packing

Sometimes, mothers can easily make this without going to any special stylist.

One-sided Corn Rows

This is one of the Nigerian children hairstyles weaved in such a way that all the corn rows are weaved to one side.

Photo of Nigerian children hairstyles with bids

The beads make it more beautiful though.


This is the same as the normal shuku as per all the corn rows are all weaved up.

Nigeria baby shuku hair weave with bids

This is more suitable and beautiful for a baby as it is few in number with a very small extension and bonds at the tip.


This Nigerian children hairstyle involves gathering the hair to the middle from the front down to the back.

galax baby hair make

baby hairstyle - galax

This is just like the normal galaxy for adult. However, caution must be taken while weaving or packing to avoid being too tight and painful.

Ghana Weaving

Ghana weaving is one of the most popular hair styles in Nigeria.

Ghana weaving for babies

It can also be done for babies who can endure sitting for a reasonable number of hours. As long as it is not too tight, they are good to go.

babies virgin hairstyle

This use of extensions to weave corn row could be of any style.

Check out more of Nigerian children hairstyles below:

Children hairstyles in Nigeria

Nigerian children hairstyles for babies

kid hair make

beautiful baby hairstyle in Nigeria

Baby Weaving Hair Styles

Baby weaving is done in such a way that the corn rows are configured in different forms and styles.

This will beautifully brings out your girl’s face or better still, it determines her look depending on the style.

Earlier, I have mentioned the basic weaving hairstyles. However for babies, different patterns and forms of corn rows are done to create fun hairstyles suitable for their age.

Besides, colorful beads and bonds are also used to adorn their hair. These hairstyles can go with native dresses and styles.

Some of such weaving hairstyles for babies include:

Baby weaving hairstyles with beads

wool and baby weaving hair style

Beautiful curly nigerian children hairstyle for school

baby wool hair styles

Party Hairstyle for Nigeria Children

Children are super excited when they hear that word “Party”, probably because they are sure of enough foods, drinks and even gifts.

They know they will have ample time to play with old friends and also form new friends.

That’s not all; they can also show off their new clothes, shoes and of course their beautiful hairdo.

The hair is more conspicuous and it is the first sight of attraction even before their beautiful dress.

This explains why party hairstyle is essential not just for the children but also for their parents who desire to have their children beautifully stand out.

Party hairstyles often times are accompanied with hair extensions such as weave-on and other attachments.

Some Nigerian children hairstyle for party includes;

Beautiful party hairstyle for Nigerian children

Stylish party hairstyle for kids in Nigeria

Children party hair style

party hairstyle for Nigerian children

Nigreian children hairstyles for parties

Nigerian children hair styles for a party

Nigerian baby girl hairstyles for parties

sexy party hairstyle for kids

cute nigerian children hairstyles for party

If your child is one of the bridal train at weddings, this hairstyle can fit in perfectly well with other bridesmaid outfits.

party hairstyle

Nigeria Hairstyles Weave

All thanks to our modern stylists in Nigeria, they weave a lot of styles with nice extensions of various colors on people’s hair, thereby bringing out amazing patterns.

However caution must be taken as this weaves sometimes pull out the hair at the extremes. Hence, always give breaks before weaving another.

Some of the Nigeria hairstyle weave includes:

Nigerian hairstyle weave for students

Hairstyle weaves for Nigerian teenage students

Nigerian children hairstyles with attachment

Nigerian weave styles with extensions

shuku weave styles for children in Nigeria

beautiful Nigerian children hairstyle weave

Summary Notes On Nigerian Children Hairstyles

Has your daughter ever told you that someone out there asks her to say “Thank you mummy”?.

Yes, that is because her appearance, most especially the hair which is the first sight of attraction, speaks volume about you as a parent.

In one way or the other, their beautiful hairstyles influence how they feel, boost their moral and increases their self confidence.

Do not hesitate, try out any of these latest Nigerian children hairstyles and be the best mum any girl child will wanna have.



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