How to Know Your Customers to Gain Their Loyalty

who is your customer
who is your customer

Yes, you can know your customers even better than they know themselves.

We live in a hyper digital age. Not only can we do anything imaginable online, but there are also massive amounts of data stored that people are just now starting to figure out what to do with.

This goes for retailers as well, who have mountains of data about customers but often aren’t doing enough with it to make it worthwhile.


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Amazon is at the forefront of using this data to sell more stuff to their customers – their “frequently bought together” and “other customers also bought” sections account for 35% of all of their sales.

If you are running an online retail business of any kind and you aren’t making good use of your data, now is the time to start doing so.

You have to both get and retain customers to even start to make a profit – most online clothing retailers don’t make any money off of a customer until their fourth visit.

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Keeping customers coming back is crucial for a number of reasons, including referrals. Learn more about managing customer data from this infographic!

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