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corper tinz
corper tinz

Prospective Corps Members are the next Otondo probably waiting in-line to be mobilized and they’re always feeling the pressure like Oh God let this day come as quick as possible because they feel like experiencing the Camp regimented activities.

The National Youth Service Corps (N.Y.S.C) was established to foster national integration and peace among the diverse ethnic groups in Nigeria. This noble cause to a large extent has been successful but i believe that the institution needs to upgrade its structure, operation and vision.

The feelings that comes with being the next Otondo do filters so many questions in the minds of Prospective Corp Members ranging from how the experience is going to look like, kits to impress, thinking about how to meet new people and stuffs like that..

10 interesting things about Prospective Corps Members

  1. The foremost interesting thing about Prospective Corps Members is that they will wish to be addressed as Otondos until they finally get to know that Otondo really means Mumu as some people say (lol)
  2. Most Prospective Corp Members are always feeling the hype with lots of propaganda from those who have never been to Camp before, especially when it’s a month to Camp service.
  3. As a PCM, there’s the eagerness to know more about youth service from the outgoing batch, just serving and those that have served. With the information gathered, PCMs get prepared for whatever will be coming their way when they fully become a Corps Member.
  4. The camp training would seem a lot easier as they had prepared themselves before it. They tend to acquire more skills and work orientation in CDS as they’ve learned about it while being a PCM.
  5. Getting mentally prepared is an interesting fact of being a PCM because it gives the opportunity to test your capability and show your ability as a CM.
  6. As a PCM, there’s always the feeling of excitement to become a CM. But also, there’s a part of them that miss being an undergraduate, reminiscing past events, nostalgic moments, all these bring the feeling of not wanting to leave school.
  7. There’s always that feeling of getting ready for the challenge ahead, wanting to explore the country as they get posted to a state they’ve never been. There’s the feeling of wanting to meet new faces and interact with people of other tribes.
  8. As a PCM, several questions will be running through their mind like;

★Can I take my laptop to camp?

★How many times do they give food in camp, and at how many hours interval?

★Camp fire is when, And what is it all about?

★Can my waist pouch be multicolored?

★Are there electric sockets in the hostels?

★Are guys allowed in female hostels and vice versa? lol

★Can I go with my chess board?

★Do they give pounded yam in camp?

★Am I allowed to customize my khaki?

★When shall we be finishing daily activities so that we can go and rest? And so on…

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  1. Almost all PCMs are always online, they don’t want miss any information .
  2. And lastly, the phobia of not wanting to go with Stream 11 because of the 28 days difference between both streams and some PCM have spent over a year at-home…

Wishing all Prospective Corp Members happy Camping and wishing them all fruitful Service year and better Jobs in the future!

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