6 Interesting Things to Do At a Party

6 Interesting and Fun things to do at a party

Check out these 6 interesting things to do at a party.

What crosses your mind when thinking of an adult’s night out? There are high chances that you picture the bar because it has been the go-to social space for adults, thereby becoming a social norm.

But going to a bar over and over when you want to party can become mundane at some point. So, what do you do? Are there any other options out there?

Well, ideas about things you can do at a party are plentiful. You must be creative and break the monotony of clubbing around your social calendar. You don’t have to fret.

6 Interesting Things to Do At a Party

This article will give insights into some of the most exciting things you can do to spice that party up. Read on to find out.

1. Try a Themed Dance-Off

One of the interesting things to do at a party is a themed dance-off.

A dance-off, as the name suggests, is an informal dance competition where dancers or dance groups progressively try to outshine each other in dancing.

While someone can challenge you to a dance-off at any moment, they can also be competitors. In this case, you can consider having a dance-off party at your house.

What’s more, you can ensure the dance-off party has a theme. For instance, you can choose a music era, say the ’70s or the ’90s, and have a playlist specifically from that generation.

Guests at the party should dress according to your selected period, and the dance moves should be era-specific. A good example is Voguing if you chose the ’90s for your theme.

interesting things to do at a party

2. Trivia Night

Trivia nights are also known as pub quizzes, quiz nights, or bar trivia since they happen in pubs and bars.

This is a type of activity where people are asked quizzes, and they, in turn, give their responses. It is no doubt one of the interesting things to do at a party.

Most of the features in trivia nights are similar even though the MC or the host is allowed to come up with questions from different topics.

However, you do not have to wait for your local bar to host a trivia night. You can do the event in other places, including your home.

Invite neighbors and friends over for the trivia night and have a designated MC for the event. If you are close friends, you can throw inside jokes in the quizzes.

Trivia night is for fun. You can have drinks and foods of your liking. Also, a great addition can be a CBD vape bar.

CBD will help you relax and add fun to your party. Set up a vape bar, and get some CBD vape pen and exotic flavored e-juice with the right concentration of CBD to get your party started.

3. Set up a DIY Bar

On the list of interesting things to do at a party is to set up a DIY bar.

One of the considerations when holding a party is having a bar for the guests. Depending on the venue you choose, there might be a bar on-site or not.

If you are hosting the party in a forum with no bar, you will need to bring the drinks and the necessary tools.

With a DIY bar, you will not have to worry about making drinks for the guests. Just set up a bar and allow them to make their drinks. You don’t have to go overboard with the bar. Just make sure it has all the necessities.

Interesting things to do at a party - set up a diy bar

4. Have a Bonfire

There is so much delight in lounging around a bonfire. You can consider a bonfire party at your house if you have outdoor space.

This can be a cozy party with wine, apple juice, or cocoa, not forgetting the s’mores and fireworks. You can also bring blankets for the occasion.

5. Board Games

Board games at parties are not a new phenomenon It is no doubt one of the most interesting things to do at a party.

Due to immense development in this activity at parties companies have dedicated their resources to innovations for players to get the best board game experience.

From silly to fun to lying to tense moments, party games can have a broad range. You can try new games or go for classics like Life or Sorry.

play board games at the party

6. Wine Tasting

You don’t have to be an expert on matters of wine for you to host a wine tasting party. There are two ways to go about it; wine tasting as an added part of the main party or the entire theme of the party being wine tasting.

It will be best to ensure the guests have a great time tasting the wine while simultaneously learning something new.

As much as possible, the event should not intimidate anyone or make them feel they can’t participate. Therefore, make sure the guests are at ease by ensuring you are not taking the event too seriously.

An excellent way to make everybody feel at ease is by asking guests what they like or don’t like. Avoid focusing on what you think is the right or wrong answer, as taste can be a very subjective subject.

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Interesting Things to Do at a Party (Take Away)

Parties should be fun for everyone. They should be where we connect with friends and loved ones, create great memories, and relax from our tedious routines.

Therefore, while hosting a party, keep these factors in mind. You can add many ideas to typical parties to increase the thrill and the fun and break the monotony. You, therefore, do not have an excuse for hosting a dull party.

What did you think of these fun things to do at a party? Let’s have your comments in the box provided below.


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