11 Things to Do Before Applying For Google AdSense

Oasdom applying for google adsense account today
Oasdom applying for google adsense account today

Applying for Google AdSense has many advantages, the main of which is the fact that you get more earnings from displaying ads.

This is always for many bloggers but it isn’t always easy. Getting approval on Google AdSense is a lot tougher than people imagine due to their strict rules that one must adhere to during application.

This came about because people previously used tricks to try to get approvals. Most people face this challenge currently but there are tips that one can use to get the needed approvals.

Before attempting an application, you need to consider some factors like your blog qualifications, eligibility, and requirements as well as the application process.

Applying for Google Adsense

You should also consider the measures to take in case you’re rejected.

Common Reasons for Rejections    

Google AdSense usually rejects applications due to one or more of the following reasons:

  • Inadequate content

If your blog doesn’t have enough content that can be reviewed or lacks the quality you will be rejected. The content has to be unique and be grammatically correct as well.

  • Bad Design

If your blog is poorly designed or is poorly structured chances of getting a rejection increases this is because AdSense believes that such sites make it harder for users to navigate.

  • Lack of Vital Information

Blogs that lack essential pages like about us, privacy policy or contact us page don’t always get approval by AdSense.

Lack of such pages shows unprofessionalism that is unacceptable according to

  • Google policies

In compliance with policies, having too many keywords, using illegal means to attract more traffic and having poorly crafted content is a dome of the example of things going against Google AdSense program policies.

Try to go through the policy to know what to avoid in details in order to increase your chances of being approved.

11 Important Things to Do Before Applying For Adsense

Applying for Adsense is not just something you jump into and expect to be accepted into the best ad network, you have to meet some requirements.

Once you meet these requirements, you can proceed to my guide on making AdSense Money and create your Google Adsense Account.

Great Content

The first step is ensuring that your content is unique, well-structured with headings has proper grammar, and is informative.

Google reviewers should be impressed by your content so try to make it great. Once you have great content, you can apply and create your ad units.

Privacy Page

Although most people usually ignore this, it is crucial in Google AdSense. Having a privacy policy page show that you are a professional business and not a fraud.

You should put in conditions for  alert readers on what to expect when using your blog

Contact Us Page

If you’re applying for Adsense, having a way for users to reach you is mandatory according to Google’s Policies. It’s an indication that you care enough about your customers to want to communicate with them.


You have to put your name together with your email address on the important pages like the about us section. It shows that you are an honest person.

Create Posts

Although AdSense doesn’t specify the number of posts a blog should have before applying, you should have several good ones.

You need at least 20 posts that well written and structured, detailed yet simple and are unique and original.

Be An Adult

Always be honest about your age as the AdSense can detect when you’re not being truthful. This means that those who are younger than 18 cannot apply.

Better Design

Your blog should be easy to navigate which can only happen if you design it properly. Use proper layout and menus, keep the sidebars clean, make it fast and ensure it is search engine friendly.

Avoid putting useless material that makes it overcrowded and use colors that blend together to make it neater.

Have the Correct Content

Pornographic contents, hacking contents, copied content or any other content promoting illegal activity isn’t allowed so avoid such.

Choose a Good Domain

.com extensions tend to get faster approvals than others.

Eliminate Other Ads

There isn’t a restriction on having other ad networks but it’s better to remove all of them before applying on Google.

Sources of Traffic

When you’re applying for Google Adsense you should know that if you’re paying for your traffic you will not get accepted. Getting traffic from other illegal sources will also get you disqualified.

Applying For Google Adsense (Summary)

In case you try all these and still get rejected, you can try other sources like media.net which is almost like Google, Bidvertiser which offers you an earning opportunity and infolinks which has in-text advertising among many others.

With these ideas getting approved on Google AdSense shouldn’t be difficult. They are the rules that AdSense needs every blogger and publisher to follow.

However, if you’re rejected, explore other sources of making money online which include the ones mentioned above.


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