iGaming in Australia and Nigeria: Which Games are Preferred?


iGaming is purely tech-dependent and includes activities such as poker, online casino games, sports betting, and others.

Only activities where money betting is involved can be classified as iGaming. Other important elements of any platform with iGaming products include mandatory payment and a possible cash prize.

Moreover, the outcome of the game should be determined by chance.

There are several reasons why more and more people from all over the planet choose internet gambling.

  • The convenience factor

You don’t need to go anywhere in order to enjoy your favorite games. It’s possible to bet from any place you want and at any time.

The accessibility of games is of prime importance when it comes to online gambling. The greater part of games can be played via smartphones, tablets, or laptops nowadays.

  • The diverse range of available games and activities

It’s impossible to name the exact number of existing online games since the industry is growing rapidly.

The main types include online casino games, sports betting, lotteries, and many others. Each type has a wide range of sub-types and sub-variations.

  • The improved gaming experience

iGaming allows users to play tried-and-tested games and get familiar with innovations online.

No matter whether you live in Europe, where iGaming is on the rise, or in Nigeria, where it is in its infancy, you can still experience all the advantages of Internet gaming.

When it comes to defining trendy games, there are numerous factors to be considered. The most prominent of them are the age of users, the available options, the size of possible prizes, and location.

In every country, there is its own top list of games. The following information will be helpful for those who want to know more about the most popular games in Australia and Nigeria.

iGaming in Australia: Peculiarities

80% of Australian residents are engaged in gaming activities of some kind. Gamblers are free to choose almost any website and game.

Although the government tries to license overseas providers and websites, it doesn’t affect the users themselves.

The next important point is taxation. In this regard, Australia is considered to be one of the friendliest countries.

Players pay no taxes when gambling. No wonder, betting is so popular among residents.

The next significant advantage is safety. Almost all gambling operators are audited by the organization that issues their gaming license.

The most popular online games are as follows.

Pokies (aka Slots)

Pokies have long topped the list of the gambling games that Australians prefer. It is reported that 4% of the residents play the game at least weekly.

The average spending on pokies is estimated at $600-650 per adult. And that’s the official stats.

Since online gambling is not supported by national regulators, most Australian gamblers join offshore casinos to play their favorite games.

Amid the COVID-19 lockdown, online gambling in Australia has spiked, while internet searches for ‘online pokies’ have tripled.

When it comes to favorite titles, Big Wheel is certainly among them. It appeals to Australian players since it reminds of land-based slot machines.

It has only one pay line and three reels. What differs this slot from others is that every spin can trigger nudges.

Online Poker

The residents of Australia are known for their great love for poker. You can hardly find a poker player who has never dreamt of participating in Aussie Millions.

It’s the mainland-based poker championship in the country. Yet, not everyone is able to visit real casinos to enjoy poker playing.

Therefore, Australians prefer gambling online. Moreover, it’s not always obligatory to pay for the play. It’s possible to experience free options.

Among the most played variations of online poker is Mississippi Stud. It’s a five-card poker game, which is very easy to play.

Initially, this online game was designed to satisfy the preferences of younger players. But now, it’s a go-to option for gamblers of all ages.

Mississippi Stud allows you to win real money, but you should complete at least 3 wagers to obtain the first payout.

Horse Racing

Horse racing has been popular in Australia since the 1800s. It’s the oldest type of sports that Australians bet on.

It’s not only about winning money, but also about how spectacular the races can be. It is reported that annually, Australians spend over $25 billion on racing, which is over $1000 per bettor.

iGaming in Nigeria: Main Peculiarities

Nigeria’s population is around 200 million people, and more than 60 million Nigerians engage in gambling.

In terms of revenue, the iGaming industry is reported to bring $2 billion annually. Among the key online gambling, regulators is the Nigerian Lottery Commission.

When talking about iGaming preferences, it’s worth mentioning that mobile gambling dominates in the country. While the trendiest games include the following.

8 Ball Pool

It’s one of the most popular games among males in Nigeria. It’s the variation of billiards. There are a few modes that correspond to the levels of complexity — from easy to hard.

The main goal is to hit 8 balls into the right pockets. This game is not an ideal time-killer but it also allows you to win real cash.

By the way, it’s possible to get free coins for 30 minutes playing on the web or an hour on a smartphone.

Caribbean Poker

Just like Australians, Nigerians like playing online poker. It is legal in Nigeria, so gamblers are free to choose the online poker rooms that they enjoy the most.

In terms of game variations, Nigerian gamblers often opt for Caribbean Poker. The rules are similar to 5-card poker, but it still has several peculiarities.

First of all, it is played against the house. It’s slow-paced. And it’s also possible to trigger the bonus jackpot option.

Mega Millions

Lotteries are rather popular in Nigeria. The residents play them mainly for entertainment, but the luckiest players can also enjoy big wins.

The leading lottery providers are MLOTTO and Western Lotto. Both of them provide access to the world’s most lucrative lottery game, Mega Millions.

It’s worth mentioning that the minimum size of the jackpot is about $40,000,000. To hit the prize, it’s necessary to gather 6 numbers.

As you can see, tastes differ. Australian and Nigerian gamblers have various preferences that overlap in the definite points.

There are a few common features of the iGaming industry in both countries. It’s growing rapidly and attracts more and more players.

This fact can’t but indicates further development of the industry.