How to Start a Successful Transportation Business In Nigeria

How to start a transportation business in Nigeria
How to start a transportation business in Nigeria

Thinking about starting a transportation business in Nigeria?

During the time of Adam and Eve, transportation was not named its name and was not also recorded to be considered a business as opposed to the transportation business in Nigeria.

The first form of transportation started with them especially when they were driven out of the beautiful Garden of Eden.


The first two humans without (foresight of been mentioned when talking about transport business) moved themselves from the gate of the garden to where they settled down – that’s transportation in every of its letters.

Now, who coined the word ‘transportation’? I really do not know but its meaning came from what happened ages past.

car transportation business in Nigeria cars

While Adam and Eve left their beautiful home with no concern of what they were doing but to flee the wrath of One that has been so merciful.

Their act, they paid no attention to, gave us the definition of the word ‘transportation’ that now has strings attached to it, like transportation business in Nigeria.

You need not run back to your book to cram or recheck the definition of this word, a definition ever so green you cannot really forget.

The ever green definition that goes thus: “movement of people from one place to the other”.

Despite the definition, having its roots deep in our brains, there is question that keeps popping up from time to time…here’s the question…

What Is Transportation Business In Nigeria?

As at the time of our forefathers we never met except through stories, transportation by foot, the oldest form of transportation.

But as time passed, generations spanned out, disarray and chaos spread out, inequality inevitably existed and varying standard of living was evident.

The transportation by water emerged but that was not the end, other forms of transportation that make up transportation business in Nigeria stood up.

“Although we are all involved in transportation one way or the other, not all of us are in to the transportation business in Nigeria or elsewhere.”

Say transportation business in Nigeria and what pops in my head; and I’m sure some other people, is someone at the steering controlling the wheels to my destination and another person going round to get money for this service.

This is how it had been as long as I have witnessed and remembered, while for some they buy the tickets, or pay the cash before or at the end of the trip.

In all of the essence of transportation business in Nigeria, it involves the exchange of vehicle, skills and money in Nigeria.

Here, the driver is having the vehicle and skills, most of the time, and the passenger having the money to lease the vehicle and pay for the skills.

Yes, transportation business has two ends to it: The driver and the passenger.

Sometimes it involves a bus conductor or more as in the BRT buses case but what still stands is the ‘rendering of transport services’ and the ‘payment of such services’.

I know you get the picture of what am describing, we see it daily either in danfo buses, BRT, Uber, Bolt, or ORide; but the next question bothering the mind is…

Profitability of bus transport in Nigeria

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Is Transport Business Profitable In Nigeria?

They say what is good for the goose is good for the gander but let me tell you a bitter truth; it is not in all cases.

It goes without saying that, unlike other forms of business ideas in Nigeria, transport business requires more investment capital.

I can tell you that if transportation business in Nigeria is not profitable, Lagos government and many more will not have a seat at the transportation round table.

I can also tell you that if transportation business in Nigeria is so profitable then some would not have withdrawn from the gathering of the NURTW association due to the persistent ticket charges that drills a big hole in profit, delivery money, repair and maintenance, and more.

Here, you help yourself; is transportation business in Nigeria profitable? Why? It is discussion time; kindly make use of the comment box.

Let me give you a clue. How about taking a seat to the veranda or an open spot in your area and sit, then count the number of vehicles (keke, bus, etc. not exempting okada) and the pedestrians?

What do you think; is transportation business in Nigeria profitable?

How to Start Transportation Business In Nigeria

There is a Yoruba saying that a stranger who asks for direction never gets lost.

The question ‘how to start transportation business in Nigeria’ is a must know for one who plans to be a transport mogul.

How about some questionnaire?

  • What type of transportation business are you planning to start?

There are different ways to be in transportation business in Nigeria, here they are:

  • If you are familiar with micro finance, you are not strange to the appliances they sell to their customers and collect payment in installments.

It is applicable to this type of transportation business in Nigeria where you sell a vehicle to a driver\customer and the person pays back in installments, but until payment is complete, documents are still in your name.

This type of transportation business in Nigeria is called ‘higher purchase’ as the person buying is buying at a higher rate than normal.

  • You could go all in to transportation business in Nigeria as a driver yourself and keep the originality of transport business ever green as other drivers especially danfo driver…

…shebi you be danfo driver, swoor I am a danfo driver..

Danfo driver in Nigeria transportation business

However you intend participating in the transportation business do your thorough findings as usual and learn.

If you really intend to do the later part of the transportation business in Nigeria then you need the following:

  • Driving skills (not learner’s level o; so you don’t go down low).
  • Driving licence and other important documents …(show me your particulars, baby pull over).
  • Good working condition vehicle for the transportation business in Nigeria.
  • Association card. You are not an Island, join one. It is the way it is in the transportation business in Nigeria.

The other part that exempts you from been a driver but leaves you raking the NURTW money in, is you receiving delivery money.

  • The rate charged is dependent on the location you plan doing this type of transportation business in Nigeria.
  • The type of vehicle to be used.
  • The number of passengers on a trip, etc.

Rome was not built in a day; don’t land on your death bed early because of transportation business.

Start on a pilot scale and grow steadily, trust me, you would be splendid.

How to Start Transportation Business In Nigeria (Summary)

No doubt international trade has contributed to transportation in general that has its history birthed in different countries without permission.

Migration is undeniably directly proportional to population. Transportation business in Nigeria is an ever potential business as our population is ever growing.

So why not ask how to start a transportation business in Nigeria?