How to Start a Profitable Ice Block Business In Nigeria The Right Way

Oasdom How to start a profitable Ice block business in Nigeria today
Oasdom How to start a profitable Ice block business in Nigeria today

Are you planning on starting an Ice block business In Nigeria anytime soon? Would you love to know what it takes to run an ice block production business?

With the hustle and bustle that happens every day under the scorching hot sun in Nigeria, you will all agree with me that dehydration happens so fast.

Cold water, cold drink or anything chilled is what we’ll need to calm our bodies, isn’t it?

Ice block is used by the majority of those traders that sell to us in the market, parks, schools, hospitals and the likes, considering the bad state of our electricity in Nigeria.

Even at homes, it is used to preserve foods, don’t let me get started with events and parties…

You can never go wrong starting the ice block business in Nigeria and the most amazing thing is you don’t need any training to start……cool right?

Let’s get started without wasting any more time.

What Is Ice Business?

An ice block simply means frozen water (the freezing of water to a temperature usually below 0° C ), so the business of selling ice block to people who pay you money in return is called ice block business.

This business if done properly could generate for you a lot of money because there is a lot of demand for ice block every day!

That’s why it has made it to our list of 99 plus profitable business ideas in Nigeria.

Ice block productions business in Nigeria

An ice block business in Nigeria involves the production of ice block and selling it to various vendors for their everyday use.

People often overlook this business not knowing it is a gold mine that can generate a lot of income for whoever is into the business, most especially those that do it on a large scale.

Now that we know what an ice block business is let’s talk about how to start an ice block business.

What Is Needed? How to Set Up Ice Block Business In Nigeria

Before venturing into ice block business there are certain things that will be needed and I will be talking about each below:


This is the first and the most important material that is needed for ice block production.

You need a very clean water that is well treated…….you don’t want water that will contaminate people’s food or drinks as this ice block will be used to cool mostly edible stuffs and comes in contact with them.

If you don’t have a good source of water you can buy from companies that sell water but it is preferable if you have a borehole or a very good well.

The highest form of hygiene should be carried out please.

Ice Block Making Machine

Ice block machine is what is used to produce ice block, they are very easy to use just like the regular freezers but in an advanced way and with more capacity too.

There are containers that are rectangular in shape where water is poured to make the ice and the ice takes form of the container when it’s ready.

ice block business machine in nigeria

These ice block machines are locally and foreign made, depending on your budget you can get either of them.

The price range differs based on the number of ice that can be made at once by the ice block machine.

We have those that can make 100, 80, 60,50,40 etc. ice block at once.

There are things to be considered when buying your ice block machine such as the:

  • Capacity
  • Compressor: the cooling system that makes the ice block hard and;
  • Freezing time: how much time it takes to produce a batch of ice block.

These factors cannot be overemphasized when choosing a brand to buy.


Ice block are put inside a white transparent polythene bag for easy movement because ice block can be very slippery and without the bags it will be very hard to move them.

These bags also help to hold the ice blocks in their frozen and defrosted state. It also makes it possible for you to brand your ice block to differentiate from other plain ice blocks.

Packaging is also an important Factor when it comes to your ice block business.

Generator Set/Solar Power

There is no ice block business in Nigeria without a generator, the supply of electricity in Nigeria is not so reliable, hence the need for a generator.

When there is electricity supply, the voltage might not be good enough for your ice block machine, so it is preferably a generator is used to avoid getting your machine spoilt.

Some people have chosen to use deep freezer for their ice block business and they’re making cool cash, every day.

These are the most important things you need before starting your ice block business in Nigeria.

Tips Needed For Carrying Out a Successful Ice Block Production Business

I will discuss few tips on running a successful ice block business in this section.

Customer Base

For your ice block business to be successful you need to target some customers to build up your customer base.

Such customers are those that will always have need for your product either for business or for house use.

Examples of such customers are vendors that sell in the market and bus stops, Event planners, hotel operators, restaurant operators, petty traders, residents with no or low electricity supply etc.

This helps you to make sales always because these people would need ice block for their daily activities.

Ice Block Business Is Seasonal

Ice block business is a seasonal business in the sense that during dry season there is high demand for ice block.

During this period price increases so there is a certainty that more sales and profit will be made.

Meanwhile, during raining season it’s not hot and people wouldn’t want to drink cold water or cold drinks during this period and there is also fall in price.

So, you know that you reduce production during rainy seasons and increase production during the dry season.

Maintenance of Your Machine

Make sure you take care of your machines and I am talking about the ice block machine/freezer and your generator.

Service them on time and handle them with care, adhere strictly to the rules of the producer.

You don’t want any of them breaking down and leading to inability to produce ice block thereby disappointing your customers.

Once this happens your customers goes to get it somewhere else which is very bad for business. So make sure your machines are at their best all the time.

Target Highly Populated Areas

Traffic attractors such as markets, streets, bus stops, school areas etc. should be places you target to sell your ice block.

The more ice block sold is the more money you make. So watch out for such places to sell your product.

Very Competitive Business

Ice block business is a very competitive one so you have to be smarter than your competition as anyone can venture into it since there is no training needed before starting it.

How to Make Ice Block – Ice Block Production Process

Here, I will be giving you a step by step guide to follow in the production of ice block.

Step1: line the ice block maker containers with polythene bags.

Step 2: fill the containers with fresh and clean water.

Step 3: put the ice block making machine on and let it do its magic.

Step 4: Ice block is ready in the next 7 to 8 hours

Step 5: Remove them from the machine and repeat the process for another batch depending on how many you want to produce in a day.

There you have it your ice block is ready for sales.

Can I Use Deep Freezer for Ice Block Business?

So, can deep freezers be used for ice block?

Deep freezer for making ice block

Well, deep freezer could also be used for ice block but it takes longer time to give result.

For example where an ice block machine would produce a large number of ice at one within 7 to 8 hours a deep freezer may take more time and the quantity would not be up to what an ice block maker would make at once.

Prices of An Ice Block Machine

An ice block maker varies in price depending on the capacity of the ice block maker and also the brand.

We have locally made ones as well as foreign made. The foreign made are more expensive than the locally made ones.

The price of an ice block maker ranges from 400,000 to millions of naira depending on its capacity.

Ice Block Business Summary

What if I told you that Ice block business is what my mum used to finance my education, would you believe?

One hundred Naira or N150 per piece is the sales price over here and she sells to owambe people almost every Saturday. People come from neighboring towns to buy iceblock and our house was her shop.

There you’ve got all you need to start and run a successful ice block production business in Nigeria.

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  5. Thanks a lot for this tips.
    I have a cold room that produces about 110 ice blocks. But my major challenge is distribution.
    I live in Abuja, dakwo/kabusa to be precise. Please can I have referrals? My phone number is 07063890131

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  7. Thank you sir for the information, i am a retired civil srevant and i have passion for the work of ice block making. But i was disappointed for the ice block making machine that i purchase is not working the way it surppose to be thought i am not tire am still forward to achive my aim.

  8. I’m into ice block machine construction and guidance….
    contact us @08069325878 for enquiries…
    ice block business is a business that can make you a millionaire under a month or two…
    the higher the capacity the bigger the money…..

  9. Good afternoon,, I just bought a machine that is capable of moulding a total of 300 + ice blocks. My question is how can I manage this business… I’m a novice in this business. THANK YOU.

  10. This business can make you a millionaire under some months base on the capacity of your machine I.e how many blocks it can produce at once….
    Interested in buying the ice block or the machine or want to gain more information on it, then contact me on 08069325878 call or chat me up on WhatsApp

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    • Thanks for your comment Oyakale, We’d suggest you contact an expert technician for this. Such personnel will be in the best position to suggest the best appliance for your desired venture.

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    • Hi Kemi, thanks for your comment. We’d suggest checking out sites and shops that sell freezers or technicians that specialize in cold room setup

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    This post has help me a lot.
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