How to Make Moi moi – A Food Every Nigerian Loves

2842 how to make moi moi food in Nigeria how to make moi moi food in Nigeria

So many children don’t like to eat beans but when they see moi moi, they devour. Yes, adults who don’t even know how to make moi moi also like to take this nutritious Nigerian food.

Moi moi is a nice meal that can be eaten alone or accompanied with other foods like soaked Gaari, pap, Jollof rice, fried rice etc. It is even eaten in many other countries aside Nigeria. For instance, the Gambians call it olele.

making moi moi recipe

In our family and student food time table, moi moi is one big part of the menu. If you want to know how to make moi moi I think you should also know what it is called in English language. Ready?

Moi Moi Meaning In English

So, what is moi moi in English? Funny enough, big restaurants that knows how to make moi moi call it moi moi.

Moi moi is called steamed bean pudding in English while some call it baked beans if it is baked in the oven. It is majorly prepared from peeled and washed beans.

moi moi

Moi moi is loved by many but it belongs to the Yorubas in Nigeria. It is a common thing to find moi moi sellers at bus stops especially at night as that  is what  many Nigerians desire to buy when they can’t just cook.

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Sometimes some roadside sellers make it so watery such that you don’t  even know if you  are licking or eating moi moi. It’s not that they don’t know how to make moi moi o, they’re only trying to maximize profit.

If you have been a victim of watery moi moi, don’t worry you are covered as I will put you through all you need to know on how to make moi moi.

Moi Moi Recipe

If you’re just learning how to make moi moi for the very first time, the following are ingredients for making this delicious meal:

  • 375g or 1½ cup of brown or white beans
  • 2 Big onions
  • 3 Red bell pepper (tatashey in Yoruba)
  • 2 Habanero pepper/Scotch bonnet pepper (atarodo in Yoruba)
  • 20cl of vegetable oil/palm oil
  • 2 cubes of Maggi
  • Salt (to your desired taste)
  • Cool water (moderate quantity)
  • 1½ table spoon of Nut Meg (optional)
  • 3 Boiled eggs (optional)
  • Cray fish (grounded or whole) 2 tablespoon for grounded (optional)
  • Fish, chopped meat, corned beef, apple, or bone marrow at desired quantity (optional)

Once you have those, you can start making your moi moi.

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Tips on How to Make Moi Moi for the First Time

making moin moin in nigeria
Image source: Sisi Jemimah

If you’re just learning how to make moi moi for the very first time, here’s a quick procedure to follow:

  1. The first thing to do is to peel and wash the beans. This you can do with the aid of a mortar, blender, your hands and of course the rough part of the manual grater used for Okro after which you then sieve out the husk. Do this after the beans have been soaked for some minutes.
  2. Wash the red bell pepper, habanero pepper and onions well and then blend with the washed beans. Please note that onion is very important in moi moi preparation. It goes a long way in enhancing the taste of the moi moi. White onions can never be too much but the red onions can make it bitter if it’s too much.
  1. Ensure to dissolve the Maggi in 3 table spoons boiled water, and palm oil after which you allow them to cool before adding to the blended beans.

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Note: A good vegetable oil does not need to be dissolved. Ensure to use the right quantity of oil. Also, if it’s your desire, you can also add the grounded nut Meg to it at this stage as it makes it taste really nice.

  1. Mix the blended beans very well with a turning stick (omo orogun in Yoruba) or electric mixer. This must be done well as the air incorporated into the blended mixture makes it fluffy and nice.
  2. Add some quantity of water to it in a gradual process and stop when you get to your desired texture.

Note: the quantity of water you add depends on the thickness after it has been grinded. The mixture must not be thick neither must it be watery so as to get a desirable result. Please do not use hot water at any stage in other to avoid lumps in the mix.

  1. Put salt to your desired taste
  2. While dishing the mixture into the container of your choice, add the optional ingredients if you so desire or depending  on the number of lives you want in your moi moi  (if you add just fish and egg Yoruba’s believe it has 2 lives)

Possibly you’ve heard of “ moi moi Elemi meje”  meaning  moi moi with 7 lives. Some optional ingredients like cray fish does not make moi moi last for longer hours. They should not be used when you intend to preserve for longer hours.

  1. Ensure to taste your mixture before cooking as nothing  is reversible when it gets to the fire or oven. Sometimes, people forget salt or even vegetable / palm oil. Please don’t be a victim.

You should know that the quantity of the moi moi determines the period of time for cooking. You should start from step 2 if you wish to make use of ready made bean flour.

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Now, let’s talk about how to make moi moi with aluminum foil or leaves.

How to Cook Moi moi With Leaves or Foil

  1. The first thing to do is to wash the leaves meticulously after which the leaf stalk is cut off.
  2. These stalks serve as pads at the base of the pot for the moi moi
  3. Put small quantity of water in the pot and place on the cooker
  4. Some people are comfortable with using just one leaf to wrap provided the leaf has no holes while others make use of two.
  5. Your aim is to fold the leaf/ves into the shape of a cone on your palm after which you pour the seasoned mixture into it.
  6. Allow for some space. Do not fill to d brim of the cone shaped leaf so you can easily fold.
  7. As you fold in the open end and straighten out with the right hand, hold it down with the left thumb after which you bend it down with any of your hands.
  8. Place carefully in the pot on the cooker.
  9. Cover it with some moi moi leaves for full steaming before covering with the lid

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how to make moi moi nigerian food

Please note that practice makes perfection. At first, there may be some leakages but trust me with time you will get little or no leakage and you may even set out your own easy method. The goal is to eat moi moi from the leaf.

If you wish to use aluminum foil, follow these steps:

  1. Cut a reasonable length of the aluminum sheet preferably in a rectangular shape.
  2. Cut another sheet of the same size and place together
  3. Place the two sheet in a bowl preferably a sauce bowl
  4. Your aim is to make the foil into an encasement such that it houses the mixture comfortably
  5. Pour the moi moi mix into the aluminium foil while still in the bowl of your choice
  6. Do not fill to the brim. Allow for some space before you fold.
  7. Fold the upper opening. Always remember that aluminum foil is pliable  and can be wrapped  readily around any object.
  8. Place in a pot preferably a steamer and cook.
  9. You can also cover with some foil sheets before covering with the lid. (The quantity determines the length of time for cooking). This method is very fast and easy. But, what if you want to make use of the oven to prepare your moi moi? Here are quick tips

Tips on How to Make Moi Moi In The Oven

  1. The first thing you should do is to Rub the interior of the muffin cups with fat (butter, vegetable oil) after which you set the oven to 220 degrees Centigrade.

(Please ensure the oven is set to bake)

  1. Put equal quantity of the moi moi mix into the muffin cups after which you cover with aluminum
  2. Place the muffin cups in the oven
  3. Put some water into the oven tray and ensure it dose not dry up before you top the water
  4. Your moi moi should be ready in 50 minutes.

Now, I’m sure you now know how to make moi moi either with leaves, foil, cups, etc. You should check out our post on how to make zobo drink, something that can go well with moi moi.

Some Notes On Moi Moi Containers and Plates

Anything that helps to hold your moi moi is regarded as a container and there are various ones out there.

They include:

  1. Uma leaf which is called moi moi leaf. The botanical name is Thaumatococcus daniellii.
  2. Aluminium foil
  3. Aluminum plates
  4. Moi moi steel containers
  5. Disposable cups
  6. Plastic bowls
  7. Cellophane (Nylon) bags
how to make moi moi - Thaumatococcus daniellii
Thaumatococcus daniellii

In my own opinion, uma leaf also called moi moi leaf is the best choice. In fact, it adds it’s own nice flavor to the moi moi.

Aluminum foil/plate and moi moi  steel containers  will also make a good choice as it poses no health threat. In fact moi moi steel containers can last for a very long time, as long as it is well maintained.

The likes  of plastic bowls and nylons is a” No No” as it has been proven that hazardous  substances  get leached into the food while using them  to cook, there by causing health challenges.

Conclusion on How to Make Moi Moi In Nigeria

I’m sure by now you know how to make moi moi using any method as presented above. The thing is, Moi moi preparation is not as difficult and challenging as many people believe.

If you’re a lady, don’t give him an excuse of going out to eat moi moi. Yes it is what you can do. Just flow along all the steps and behold your moi moi is set for eating.

Sure have kept to my promise of putting you through all you need to know with moi moi preparation. Don’t worry you can thank me later.

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