How to Design Stunning Websites Without Writing Any Code and Make $Money

Oasdom how to design a website In Nigeria
Oasdom how to design a website In Nigeria

I can teach you how to build a website WITHOUT writing ANY line of code and you will definitely make ENOUGH money doing this for others.

Yes, If you’re looking for how to get money fast, learning how to build websites is one sure way to go about that. The best part is, you don’t have to learn coding

Yes, I don’t understand CSS or HTML or whatever Javascript terms most gurus use to confuse people. But I know how to design a website, I mean SUPER-STYLISH, SLEEK and PROFESSIONAL website just by clicking, dragging and dropping.

That seems impossible right?

I’ve never been so sure of what you can achieve with this if you know how to, I have made enough money online with this high in-demand skill.

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YOU WILL make money right from your home or hostel if you know how to build websites and guess what?

If you’re a complete novice, or JJC online, you can do this. Even a 9-year-old can do this (I REALLY mean this)

Who I’m I and Why Should You Listen to Me?

My name is Steve Oke, Co-founder and CEO at

I’ve been in the online world for over 12 years now and I’ve seen a lot of things, online opportunities, business models and more.

But my greatest ability is teaching. If I understand anything, trust me, I can teach you and you’ll get it completely.

I’ll answer all your questions and help you ask questions you didn’t know you should ask, trust me.

I have published more than enough books online on how to leverage the power of the internet for profit. You can download any of them in the book store section.

Why LEARN How to Design a Website Right NOW?

Take it or leave it, asides the 3 important online business skills you should have, web design or knowing how to build a website is an HOT skill in HIGH-DEMAND.

What’s the evidence?

Did you know that every single day, about 172,800 blogs are created around the world? That’s 2 blogs/sites every second!

It’s no news that we’re now living in an era where everything is online – the world is online, customers are online, sellers are online, agencies are online, just name it.

The new 2018 Global Digital suite of reports from We Are Social and Hootsuite reveals that there are now more than 4 billion people around the world using the internet.

In Nigeria, internet users have hit 104.6 million people in August 2018 according to a report from

A website or a hub is just the perfect meeting place for every individual with a mutual intent to transact business.

  • What if you can build websites for small businesses that want to move their businesses online?
  • What if you can professionally redesign already existing websites of brands and businesses?
  • What if you can build sites for schools, NGO’s, Agencies, Local Governments, and even celebrities?
  • What if you can build sites for local religious centres like churches and mosques?

Think about how much can be made if you know how to do this.

How to Design a Website From Scratch Without Writing ANY Coding AT ALL

Even if you want to know how to design a website you may find it difficult to get the right tutor. Also, there’s too much of information online.

What if there’s a STEP-By-STEP guide (not just in texts but series of videos) that shows you how to design websites from scratch without coding?

What I have Done For You

I have launched a course to teach you what I do and how exactly I do it.

In the course, I share the tools and services I use and professional tips to help you design websites all without understanding HTML or writing any code.

Guess what; I am giving you this high-quality training Almost FREE OF CHARGE! I only ask 2 things in return;

  • First, share this course on your Facebook wall and twitter page.
  • Second, have a goal to take this course from the very beginning to the end as I’ll take you by hand through every step.


I won’t just leave you to it, I’ll be with you throughout the training and help you with questions you may have.

How to Design a Website (summary)

I love the web, I love this internet age, but at the same time I love to learn. I learned how to design a website and the divided of this skill surpassed what I expected.

I’ve always said that you must learn to earn, and knowing how to build a website is one of the things you can learn online and use it to earn online.

If you find this information helpful, I’ll really appreciate it if you like this post, take the course and share with others.