[Guide] How to Create Google Adsense Account For Beginners

Oasdom How to Create Google Adsense Account
Oasdom How to Create Google Adsense Account

As a beginner blogger that has gone through my Adsense guide, I’m sure you’re super excited to create an Adsense account for your website, right?

Google Adsense is definitely the best contextual ad network with tons of publishers earning every month.

Not quite long signed up for AdSense, I must admit I had to get help from friends, read the different blogs and streamed lots of videos.

You don’t need to go through that, I have put together all you need and here’s how to create your own Google Adsense account in this detailed guide.

To be able to Google Ads on your website, you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Own a website.
  • You must be 18 years of age or above, otherwise, you will need to apply using the name of a parent or guardian who gives you permission to do so.

Easy Steps to Create an AdSense account

AdSense has recently changed the account approval process to include the following steps:

  • Sign up for AdSense
  • Add AdSense ads to your blog
  • Wait while your account is reviewed and either accepted or rejected

Although the new AdSense account approval process is quite lengthy, the process will ultimately help to maintain the quality of AdSense for all users.

It is also important to make sure your blog or website is abiding by AdSense policies before applying.

Also, be sure to read the terms and conditions mentioned on the signup page to learn more.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating an AdSense Account

First thing is to Signup for Adsense

You will see an option to insert the website you want Google Adsense on, and email address you’ll want to access account with.

how to create adsense account

Note: You’ll have more chances in getting your Adsense application approved if you use custom email addresses like (support@oasdom.com, contact@yourdomain.com)

Otherwise, you can use your existing Gmail address.

Website Details:

Welcome to-AdSense-account-for-Website

This form is quick and easy as you only need to fill your site details and content language.

Quick Note: For the website, use your blog address in the URL, and make sure to add it without “http://”.

Adsense Contact Details

Adsense contact information

Accept AdSense Policies

Read the AdSense policies and put a checkmark, click on “Yes I Agree”, and on the next page, you can review your details.

Here are 10 other important things to do before applying for Adsense.

Make sure that all the details are accurate and up to date!

Adsense Payment

Currently, you will not be able to put in your payment details if you haven’t reached $100 threshold.

This means once your Adsense account is approved, you must make $100 in earnings before you’ll be able to make edits to receive payment.

Once you have signed up for AdSense, you need to add AdSense codes to your blog header. Here’s how to receive Adsense Payment in Nigeria.

Note: Google will process payment every 21st – 25th of the following month. This means, earnings for March 1st to March 31st will be processed and sent between April 21st to 26th.

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AdSense PIN

The AdSense team will review your application once more after you add the codes to the Header of your site, and your account will be activated with an Adsense PIN that will be sent to you.

Your Adsense PIN will be sent to your location in a matter of 4 to 6 weeks, depending on your location. Most times, you’ll have to check the post office to receive this pin in a sleek white envelope..

Google will generate an AdSense PIN to you in your chosen location ONLY when you reach the threshold of $10. You need to add the pin to your AdSense account.

When you’ve made $10 in Adsense earnings and Google has sent the PIN to your location, here’s what it will look like when received:

Adsense Pin

Then you can go to the page where you’ll verify your address with the pin. It will be displayed that you should verify your address:


Identity Verification

Before, during or while verifying your location, you’ll be required to verify your identity. Google presents you with three options which are:

  • Passport
  • Drivers Licence
  • National I.D

In my own case, I used my Voters Card, National I.D is also acceptable.

Once you’ve done that, you’re set to get paid by Google once your earnings reach the $100 Threshold.

You will start receiving payment once your AdSense account reaches the $100 threshold.

How to Create Adsense Account (Summary)

I hope with this guide you can successfully create an AdSense account.

Don’t have a blog yet? Here’s how to start a blog in Nigeria

Have any questions regarding the AdSense account creation process? Feel free to ask me via the comments section!

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  1. It was such an interesting guide I must applaud you, but I want to know so without the Adsense pin it means I can’t be paid and also am I the one that will be creating the ads, and what kind of quality content do I need to write to drive my targeted traffic. Thank you so much

    • Yes, no pin, no payment, that pin will be sent to your address. In most cases for Africans, you have to go to the post office in your town to go grab it. It is proof that you’re real and have a real address.
      You can choose to create ads yourself and place them in areas of your site. (that’s ad units).
      BUt google auto ads is in trend, though people complain ads just show up anywhere and anyhow.
      YOu can choose to create responsive ad units yourself and place them in locations of your desire on your site.
      Content is king, drive real traffic to your site via search engines by optimizing your contents (SEO) and you’ll enjoy the adsense program for a very long time

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